There are just some days where at the end of the day, I realize I am low on weight watcher points.  That’s when I rely on these low point Weight Watchers Meals.

I will continue to add to this list, but here are several of my favorite low point meals.  Enjoy!

Side Note:  The Weight Watcher link is available in the Notes section of the recipe cards in each of the recipe links.  You can track straight from the recipe card if you make any of these recipes. 👍😁

Chicken Bolognese

When the Weight Watchers plan changed a few years ago and chicken breast was a zero point food, I realized that I could substitute chicken for beef in my bolognese and it turned out delicious!  My secret ingredient to give it a more richer flavor is just an ounce of pepperoni.  Click here for the Chicken Bolognese recipe.  Each 1/2 cup serving of my chicken bolognese is 1 WW point.

this is a bowl of pasta with chicken bolognese

Greek Turkey Meatballs

Ground turkey gets a bad wrap I think because people think it is dry and bland.  These greek turkey meatballs are neither! Juicy, flavorful and delicious and ZERO points.  Click here for the Greek Turkey Meatball Recipe.

this is a bowl of greek turkey meatballs

Black Bean Burger

Black beans are zero points for everyone now – yahoo!   These black bean burgers are easy, delicious and so filling.  Each burger is only 1 WW point.  Click here for the Black Bean Burger Recipe.

this is a photo of a black bean burger

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Fun fact.  I never even TRIED a sweet potato until I was in my 40’s.  I just assumed I didn’t like them.  Now I love them!  This chili is only 2 WW points for TWO CUPS!  Yes, I am shouting so everyone in the back can hear me. 😂. Click here for the black bean and sweet potato chili recipe.

this is a bowl of black bean and sweet potato chili

Spicy Beef Chili

The reason I didn’t mention ground turkey in the recipe title is that no one will know but you and I that we mostly used ground turkey, and just 8 ounces of ground beef in this recipe.  At only 2 WW points per cup, this is rich and delicious!  Click here for the Spicy Beef Chili recipe.

this is a bowl of beef chili

Black Bean Soup

You can control the spice level in this black bean soup.  Dried ancho chiles can be found in most local grocery stores, but some are mild and some are spicy, so after rehydrating the peppers, add a small amount and add more to your particular spice level.  This soup is ZERO points – whoop!

Chicken Lettuce Cup (or egg roll) Filling

My daughter Hannah loves Asian food and she came up with this super delicious chicken lettuce cup filling that can be used as egg roll in a bowl, or added to an eggroll wrapper.  2/3 cup of the mixture is only 1 WW point.  Click here to get the recipe for the Chicken Lettuce Cup Filling.

this is chicken lettuce cup filling

Chicken Souvlaki

My chicken souvlaki has been made thousands of times since I posted it.  It is only 1 WW point for 1/4 pound.  It’s so flavorful and the perfect filling for a chicken wrap.  Click here to find the recipe for the Chicken Souvlaki.

this is a plate of chicken souvlaki

I’ll keep updating this page as I add more low point Weight Watchers meals.

If you want to try Weight Watchers, I have a link that gets us both a free month on the plan.  It’s anonymous 👍