This past weekend my step-son and his wife were in town from Texas.  It was ironic that this same weekend on my TimeHop was a picture of Joe and Hannah – Joe was a sophomore in high school and Hannah was graduating 8th grade.

FIFTEEN YEARS!  It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by.  And how things have changed.  Both are married now.  Both are on their own.  Both make me proud to be their Momma.

We had our first BBQ at Hannah and Jacob’s house a mere four days after they moved in.  I know.  I had no other expectation because you all know Hannah is an organizing freak.  In fact, I went to her house at lunch to drop something off today, and she had already rearranged how she organized her kitchen cabinets within six days of moving in.

They have a delightful back patio.

Hannah and I went to Walmart on Saturday to pick up stuff for the BBQ and I kept finding stuff to throw in the basket.  I had put away some money knowing that she would need stuff after they moved in that they hadn’t thought of – like a pizza cutter (totally necessary!) garbage can for the kitchen etc.  When we stumbled upon the tiki torches, I just started putting them in our basket without even asking her.

I stopped myself in my tracks.  I looked at her and said “Hannah, this is your house with Jacob, just tell me to shut the hell up if I overstep my boundaries.”  To which Hannah replied “I love you, and yes, we definitely need tiki torches!”

Joe – it was so great to see you.  I know what ever career path you take next will be amazing.

And Liz, so happy to see you and that you were able to spend so much time with your family this last week.

It’s still a bit surreal that Hannah and Jacob aren’t here anymore.  Who knew a pandemic would give them the drive to move out.  I know it’s something they have wanted to do for a long time, but having been burned on their last attempt, and then getting outbid on other places, it was hard not to have low expectations.

But they are . . . home.  Today when I walked in you would have thought they lived there for years.  I am so happy for all my kids, and yes, their spouses are my kids too. 😀

Come back tomorrow because I made THE BEST PORK WONTONS I’ve ever made.  No.  Like seriously.  And they are WW friendly and delicious!

Until next time. . . be well.