I am having technical difficulty this morning.  My pictures wouldn’t download on my desktop so I am blogging on my phone this morning.

I follow a lot of BBQ people on Instagram.  The good after Hurricane Irma?

This guy and his catering company opened his house and grills and would cook up any of your defrosted meat with the power outages going on in Florida – full with tents, ice and water.  If I lived anywhere close to there, I would have jumped behind a grill in a heartbeat ?

My parents in law are still without power but the good?  They only lost three roof tiles  and have a small tear in their screened lanai.  They have an outdoor kitchen and my MIL pulled out a camping stove to cook and they are doing fine.  She did say that Naples as a whole looks like a war zone.

The good?  We have settled on the date and details for Hannah and Jacob’s wedding shower and wedding!  In 31 days they will say I DO. ?

The bad: Jacobs grandma’s cancer is back and we are not sure of the prognosis, hence why Hannah and Jacob wanted to get married so she would be here for it.

The bad: my Instagram friend and fellow WW ambassador Kelly just found out her Mom has stage 4 breast cancer – she’s having a fundraiser in the link in her bio below:

So I have talked about being in the struggle bus and realized it’s the good and bad of what’s going on in the world that wakes me up and makes me realize I have so much to be thankful for.  I will always miss my husband but that doesn’t mean I can’t live each day to the fullest.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

Let’s all focus on the good today, shall we? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear what good things are happening in your life.

Make it a great day!