I was diagnosed with diabetes quite by accident.  The law firm I was working at had a health fare, and my boss hadn’t been to the doctors office in over 25 years.  I was 32 years old, and while overweight, I thought I was in okay health.

A month before this health fare, my sister asked if we could do Weight Watchers together.

To tell you the truth I wasn’t all that interested in losing weight.  I loved all the food!  But to support my sister I agreed.   We went to our first meeting, got the list of things to do – drink more water, move more, track food, etc.

I went along my merry way that first week – eating what I normally did to maintain my 190 pound body – Burger King for breakfast, special Starbucks coffee in the morning, deep dish pizza slices dipped in ranch dressing – you get the idea.

After that first week when we went to weight in, I thought “I am so screwed.”  To my surprise though, the woman who weighed me in said “congrats – you lost five pounds!:  What?  All I had to do was “say” I was on Weight Watchers and the weight just falls off!

That happened the next three weeks in a row – for a total weight loss of -19 pounds in one month, and I hadn’t changed a thing.  But that health fare changed everything for me.  

Do you know what the telltale signs of diabetes is?  Excessive thirst and rapid weight loss – I thought because I was drinking more water because Weight Watchers was telling me to, that was the reason I was so thirsty all the time.

My boss turned out to be fine.  I got a call the next day asking me if I had a primary care physician, because my blood sugar was in the 500s!  

My Dad was diabetic, and I watched him struggle with it, and that diagnosis just made me so sad that I would have a chronic disease for the rest of my life – I was only 32!

But knowledge is power.  I’ve seen my endocrinologist three times a year for the last 22 years.  I wear a Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor, and I find great apps to help me, like Healthline’s T2D app.  How I wished I would have had this type of technology when first diagnosed because there are so many questions.

What I love about this app is that there are all different types of group chat rooms – you can participate in all or just the ones that spark an interest – for me it’s diet and nutrition – you know I always love to talk about food!  I also think it’s funny that people have told me on social media that I can’t eat pasta because I am diabetic.  So much misinformation out there!

Every night they have nightly chats, you can pop in to ask a quick question, or answer other peoples question – the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is that diabetes isn’t the end of the world – it is a manageable disease if you take charge of it and use the tools you available to you, including this app.  


There I am on the chat!   Join me there if you like, and feel free if you have anyone in your life who is diabetic to check it out – I hope to see you there!