I kind of love it when I have leftover beef that can morph into breakfast.  It’s already Thursday and my meal plan is a little off because I thought I’d have leftovers for lunch – that giant 64 ounce steak I cooked on Sunday?  Only THREE ounces was leftover and four people ate it.  I think Hannah’s friend Melody went back for the beef three times.  She loves it, but for some reason won’t cook raw meat at home.  

Three points for the pita, two for the beef, one for the tablespoon of guacamole and two for the cheese.  8 points of deliciousness. 

I’ve been walking solo this whole week while my twin sister is celebrating our 50th birthday week in the Bahamas with her husband.  Um, I guess my invite got lost in the mail?!  Our friend Jacky texted me and asked if I wanted to lunch or walk yesterday and I suggested walking.   It was nice to catch up with each other in real life and not via social media.  Although check out her spicy miso paste that morphed into an amazing ramen dish!

I quickly reheated some of my turkey chili and used tostada shells for dipping.  Two shells were only two points – they had been in our pantry for over a week so I just grabbed them for my lunch.  My sister and I take a long time to eat – after I ate for 30 minutes, and realized I still had 3/4 cup of chili to go, I realized I was full and put the rest away.  #babysteps  Lunch came in at 5 points.

These are a local brand of tostadas – super crispy and a serving size is 4 for 60 calories, although that comes in at 1 point each on the Weight Watcher app.

I didn’t have to work late last night, I was so happy that it was still light out by the time I got home.

When I walked in the door Hannah was finishing making dinner for her and Jacob and asked “Mom, did you see the tostadas?”  Turns out she had planned to use them to make homemade crunch wrap supremes, aka Taco Bell style.  I offered to go and get her some, but she improvised and it all worked out.  I had wonton soup on my menu, but didn’t feel like it.  Hannah asked me to buy these gyosa the last time I was at Trader Joe’s, only to remember that she didn’t like the texture of these.

The directions say to pan fry them in a bit of oil, then steam.  I thought that sounded ass backwards, wouldn’t I want to finish them up in a bit of oil to make sure they are crispy on the bottom?

Well, take a look at that video below, they stuck to the pan – I think the pan fry makes them non-stick, so looking at that pan, I didn’t have high hopes for dinner.

Guess what else I did?  I microwaved rice!  In my 4 cup pyrex glass (placed on a plate – some of the water will spill over but that’s okay) I placed 1 cup of jasmine rice with 1.5 cups water, and cooked for 10 minutes.  You can still see it on my Instastory, but it worked!

Dinner turned out amazing, but also cost me 14 points.  The gyoza alone were only 270 calories, but were 9 points.  I made a fried rice with 3/4 cup of the cooked rice, an egg, baby spinach and sriracha.  Yum.

Check out how many steps I got yesterday!!  Whoop.

Yesterday was Pi Day – also my niece Sarah’s birthday – hope you had a great day Sarah!  Yesterday reminded me of two people – Tony obviously.  The first peach pie I made and gave away because we had to go to Mayo Clinic.  I remember when I made that pie every time I walked into the kitchen I was like “did I fucking make that?!”  

And my cousin Pam was was a math teacher always made a big day out of Pi Day – she died a month after Tony after battling breast cancer on and off for nearly 15 years.

I told Courtney I may need to make that pie again for Cooking Club!

Here’s something to check out – my friend Tia’s latest YouTube post about what to do when you are punched in the face by life.  

I talked about how Tony wanted to take me to Italy for my 50th birthday, and that didn’t go to plan.  I realized that just because he won’t be with me, doesn’t mean I can’t do it for myself one day.  Tia thought she would be a Mom by now, but after unsuccessful IVF attempts, she’s realized that being a Mom isn’t going to be her plan.  But because Tony isn’t here and she isn’t a Mom doesn’t mean that we both can’t have fulfilling lives.  

I had a mind shift yesterday and I like how it feels.  šŸ˜€

Happy Thursday my friends – make it a great day!