Pork and apple pizza is a match made in heaven.  Sweet, savory, salty – the best combo!

Over the weekend I was recipe developing an air fried version of my favorite donut at Dunkin Donuts – the apple fritter!  I am close, but not close enough to post it yet.

I did not grocery shop at all this week because I’ve been a social butterfly and have eaten out at least six times already this week – and again tonight and lunch tomorrow – whew!

So when I found myself at home last night, I was wondering what to make for dinner.

I looked in the fridge and I had leftover apple dough – it’s my skinny pizza dough with the added tablespoon of sugar to the base, that I then folded in fresh apples.

Then I saw the pork roast I grilled over the weekend, and immediately thought – pork and apples = perfection!

Then I found the tail end of a container of Smoky Jalapeno Alouette cheese and this pizza idea was getting better by the second.

I topped it off with an ounce of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella, half an ounce of the last of a cheddar jalapeno cheese, and this 12 point pizza was all kinds of awesome.

Drop the mic.  

This all worked so well together – the slightly sweet crust with the acidity of the apples, paired with the salty cheese, the smokiness from the grilled pork and the spice from the jalapeno in the cheese spread. . . and then for a pop of color and awesome compliment to this pizza – a chiffonade of farmers market basil.

So.Fricken.Good.  I hope you try this pork and apple pizza!

I can’t wait to make this again. 😀  Must buy more smoky jalapeno Alouette!  Check out my Cheesy Alouette Chicken recipe too – so good!