Scroll down to my cheesy Alouette chicken – it’s so good!

My roommates and I are determined to keep the kitchen clean.  See that dishwasher?  It doesn’t work.  I have well water and it just wore it out after about five years.  I have to get a different water softener and we are in the process of figuring that out.  In the meantime, we have to hand wash the dishes.  If I ever get my kitchen redone, this would be a good before picture 😀

But the huge #nsv?  Not buying a Big Fat Cookie.  If you are not familiar with Big Fat Cookie it’s a Chicago company that makes THE BEST cookies of all time.  I wish I were exaggerating.

Pretty sure that would be all my points for a day. Maybe one of these weeks I’ll buy one and wipe through all my weeklies in one fell swoop – oh, and take a shit ton of insulin.

My picky plate for breakfast – two eggs, 2 ounces turkey pastrami (2) baby bell cheese (2) and fruit.  

 Another thing I grilled on Sunday was a pork tenderloin.  Those are so economical – usually $6 for one, but I of course got this off the meat bin for $3.  I pretended I was on an episode of Chopped – I had pork, pasta, mushrooms and spinach.

I am close to greatness on this recipe – I made an alfredo sauce using the Alouette garlic and herb cheese and Greek yogurt.  It needs a bit more creaminess, so I’ll recipe develop this one a bit more before sharing.  It will be worth the wait – promise!

How to use Alouette cheese in recipes.

What I am sharing with you today though is the quickest weeknight meal you could make – like ready in 10 minutes quick!

If you haven’t tried Alouette cheese, go buy some.  So good, low in calories and I will tell you it’s hard to stop dipping pretzels into it once you start.  I find it by the Deli at Walmart – usually for $2.99 a container – some people in other parts of the country spend $5.99 a container in their regular grocery store – so check it out at Walmart.

Normally I don’t buy the chicken that is all trimmed because you pay for that convenience, but I bought that package of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $2.23 in the meat bin – score!

Simply salt and pepper the chicken, then toss in about a tablespoon of flour.  Cut four slits in the top of the chicken, careful not to cut all the way through.

I used 20 grams or 2 smart points worth of cheese and stuffed it in the slits.

Simply cook in a cast iron skillet over medium heat with a lid on, so it got crispy on the bottom, but cooked all the way through.  After 8 minutes I added 1.25 ounces Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella and put it under my broiler for two minutes.

Simply bake three baked potatoes on the weekend to use throughout the week.  While the chicken cooked, I pan “fried” sliced potatoes in olive oil spray.   

Leftover chicken gravy and poured that over the chicken and potatoes.  On the bottom was just steamed spinach that I cooked in the microwave for 30 seconds with salt and pepper.

Let’s break down the points – 2 points for the Alouette, 1 point for the mozzarella, 1 point for the gravy (although it was only 25 calories!) and 3 points for the potatoes.  A 5 point delicious dinner!  You need to make this cheesy Alouette chicken!

Jacob happened to be home when I made this so I gave it to him for his lunch.  You can tell he hated it.  See that tag @truly_criminal?  That’s Jacob and Hannah’s instagram where they talk about famous crimes – they will be starting a podcast soon too – you can follow them on Instagram.

I had fun recipe developing last night – stay tuned for a GRANOLA pizza that is so good!  My friends at Safe + Fair have decided to bring back my discount – even for previous purchasers – save 25% plus free shipping until the end of May!  I puffy heart their granola.  It’s only 130 calories for 1/3 cup – so good!  Just use my discount code: Biz25 at checkout. 

Check out my Alouette Alfredo sauce – so good!  Let me know if you make this cheesy alouette chicken!

Happy Wednesday my friends – make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole 😀  Love, Biz