I know it can be tough to cook for a family and you are trying to eat healthy.  You may have teenage boys who can eat a bag of Cheetos in one sitting.  I one time tried to sneak in red quinoa into my late husbands meatloaf, but that didn’t go so well!

This sandwich, however, will soon become a family favorite.  Best part?  The whole sandwich is only 4 points!!

Look for these Jennie-O brand turkey cutlets.  They are thin and cook up in a matter of minutes – I just heated my cast iron skillet, did a simple salt and pepper seasoning, and cooked them for a minute a side – that’s it!

I was sent a bunch of Dak’s seasonings to try and boy have I been impressed.  These are salt free and have such amazing flavor.  When my husband had his heart surgery he was restricted to a low sodium diet (which I tried to do, but he immediately put salt on everything!) – but these would have been a game changer back then.

I didn’t have any BBQ sauce so I decided to make some!  This is also zero points Weight Watcher peeps!

All you need is a blender, a few ingredients and a cook for 15 minutes and you’ve got two big jars of BBQ sauce that will last in the fridge for two weeks or longer.  I love the mustard seeds in this seasoning.  The turkey is free, the BBQ sauce and pickles are free – OMG, you have to find these buns – they are huge and only 4 points and 180 calories.  If you want to check out all of their seasonings, here is the link – use Bizzy10 as the discount code for 10% off!



I’ve been talking about Safe + Fair products for a long time (well, a month!) and every time I try a new product I declare it my new favorite, and this blueberry cinnamon one is now my new favorite of their granolas.  Only 130 calories per 1/3 cup and 4 points.   

I had computer training and took a shorter lunch, so Jenn came to my office to have lunch – I brought her some of my chili and it was nice to just sit and talk.

I hadn’t planned on making pizza last night, but Hannah and Jacob were cooking up their dinner when I got home, and didn’t get into the kitchen until after 9 p.m.  I had no pizza or pasta sauce, and while I had ingredients to make it, I didn’t want to start that at that late hour, so I used BBQ sauce and Jennie-O turkey sausage with giardiniera and more of the Dak’s steakhouse seasoning.  OMG, so good!  Great way to end the day.

Happy Wednesday friends!  Still time to enter my Safe + Fair giveaway on Instagram – you can check it out here.

Make it a great day!  And don’t eat like an asshole. 

Love, Biz