Going into this weekend, I had a couple of events that I knew could throw me off my plan, but that I semi planned for.  The first one was a birthday party on Saturday – I enjoyed two beers and half a sandwich, and managed to avoid the cheese tray and the ice cream cookie dessert.

On Sunday, my twin sister and I met up with our best friends who are twins to meet at Wildfire.  I always get a burger at Wildfire because they are amazing.  I even told my sister earlier in the week that I was going to get one.  But when I woke up, I asked myself – do you really want to spend 40 points on lunch?

I ordered the shrimp cocktail with a side of broccoli with lemon vinaigrette, and had two glasses of wine.  It was perfect.  I wasn’t overly stuffed, because as much as I would think I’d only eat half of the burger, I knew I would eat it all, as well as all the fries.

5.29.17 024

So remember how I told you last week that I just up and decided to rip up the back carpet on my back stairs – with no plan in mind?   Even Roman was like “what the F?!”

5.28.17 056

I think I showed you all the layers that were part of the back room – my house was build in 1922, and I think that this back part of the house at one time may have been a three season porch as one time?

5.28.17 085

I was blown away when Jacob told me he bought me new flooring, and he, Hannah and Jacob’s Dad spent hours peeling up the old flooring, sanding, sawing.   Not only did they pay for everything, I also found out that they paid some of Jacob’s Dad’s bills to thank him for his time.  So thoughtful.

5.29.17 082

5.29.17 083

It turned out beautiful.  I am planning on hiring the guy who painted the rest of my house come in and pain the paneling the same grey color that’s in the front of the house, and stain all the wood beams from the front of the house to the back of the house so they are all the same. 

And the front of my house that’s been stacked with boxes for the move that Hannah and Jacob didn’t make, Hannah finally got to a point where she was over the disappointment of not moving out, and the clutter trumped her disappointment.  So on Sunday night, we did a clean sweep, and yesterday morning it was so calming to walk out of my bedroom and see this:

5.29.17 066

5.29.17 068

Not only is my house put back together, but since my boss was out of town last week, I finally got rid of a bunch of stuff to offsite storage, and have my desk exactly the way I want it.  There is just something so calming about having things in order.  And it reflects my eating as well.  I had no temptation to each any junk this weekend at all.  It feels good to be back in control.

My Mom came over yesterday, and we had plans to go to a thrift store that was having a 50% off the entire store sale.  I didn’t want to be tied to my grill yesterday, so I pre-grilled a pork roast on Sunday to make chopped pork sandwiches.  That’s grilled sweet potato on the board too – so good!

5.29.17 052

Obligatory picture of me and my Mom – spending yet another holiday together.  Once again proving that I am her favorite child.  Oh, and your welcome for the no make up!

5.29.17 086

When my Mom comes over I try to fix her stuff that she wouldn’t cook just for herself.  She’s a great cook, but living alone, she’s not about to buy a 4 pound pork shoulder just for herself.

5.29.17 092

Her Dad, my grandpa, who died when I was 11, still made the best North Carolina BBQ I’ve ever eaten.  Let me clarify that – best EASTERN North Carolina BBQ.  And that’s a pretty impressionable food memory to have nearly 38 years later.  I think that’s where I got my love of spicy food and vinegar from – I remember a carafe of hot vinegar peppers on my grandparents dinner table when we went to visit.  While my Aunt Martha makes the second best North Carolina BBQ, this is a close third.

East Carolina BBQ is always vinegar based, and what I would call a “mop” sauce.  Next time I will definitely use this as a mop, but since its a new recipe, I didn’t want to put it on there and people not like it, but my Mom and Jacob loved it.  #winning

My Aunt Martha does her pork bbq in the crock pot, cooking it slowly overnight, then dousing it with generous pours of vinegar, Tabasco sauce and crushed red pepper.  She also chops her pork up really fine.  Since Hannah wasn’t eating any, I just did a rough chop on the pork.

And a pork bbq sandwich wouldn’t be complete without topping it with cole slaw! 

5.29.17 121

It was a great weekend.  I stayed on track – used some weekly points, but still have 18 points for the next few days before Thursday’s WI, I didn’t declare it “holiday weekend!” and just go crazy with the eating and drinking to get “back on” today.  I just followed the program, much like I did in January and February and it felt good to be back in control of my eating, instead of it controlling me.

I’ll leave you with this picture of Hannah and Jacob’s dogs – they love me so!  Turns out I love them too Open-mouthed smile

5.29.17 036