You guys.  I can’t even with these waffles.  But I am going to be mean and not link to the recipe until it posts on The Chopping Block blog later this week.  These are light, fluffy, crispy on the outside – and only 4 points for the whole thing – with leftover mini chicken bites from the night before, I made this mini chicken and waffle breakfast and it was a delicious 6 point breakfast.

It was another crappy day in Chicago.  Jenn and I went to Ross on our lunch break so I could get a new backpack.  Mine got soaked and was pretty much ruined.  I’d used it for three years, so it was nice to get a new one and I love it!  It’s Columbia brand, only $26.  Because the merchandise always changes at Ross, I found it online and I got a good deal!  And it’s water resistant – yes!  I used a gift card that my Instagram daughter gave me for my birthday for part of it, so it was practically free – thanks Christina!

For lunch I brought a cup of pasta with leftover chuck eye steak that I grilled.   Here’s my tip with the beef.  I didn’t reheat it at all – I wanted to keep that medium rare taste and texture.  I only heated up half of my pasta, but when the pasta was hot, I tossed the beef in with the pasta and it was so tender and delicious.   Lunch was 6 points.

I love this bag – again a gift from my friend Christina.  Is it me or what?  I keep my electronics in it so I can find it easily in my backpack.

I realize I only took a lot of videos for these WonTacos.  OMG – so good!!  Did you know that you can get 8 wonton skins for only 8 points?

I fried them in my air fryer, and they were so good – spicy, creamy, crunchy and slightly sweet with the pop of corn.  Each one is 8 points and at first thought I was like “I am not going to eat all of those!” Well, guess what?  I did!  

The star was the spicy smoky jalapeno cheese from Alouette – so good!  I find my Alouette by the deli counter at Walmart, not where the regular bagged cheeses are.

And thanks to Shawna for coming up with the WonTaco name šŸ˜€


I could seriously eat those every night and not get sick of it!


How is it May 1 already??!!  Another month and we are half way through the year – insane.  What are you goals for May?  To be honest, I don’t have any specific ones. 

My focus?  Make the best of every day.  Consciously make better decisions, and if I string enough of those days together, I hope to see some results.

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!!