Every time I eat chia pudding I am reminded how much I love it.  It’s light, just slightly sweet, and when paired with Greek yogurt and fruit, only 6 points.  And it’s surprisingly filling!  My rule of thumb with chia pudding:  3 tablespoons chia seeds to 1 cup liquid – I use whatever I have on hand – this time it was unsweetened almond milk.  I don’t count the sprinkle of granola on top – I’m a WW rebel like that. šŸ˜€

It was in the low 50s yesterday, but rainy, so my sister and I walked Macy’s.  It was great to get the show back on the air!  But, today she is home sick šŸ™

When we met on the first floor, we noticed that Gina from Skinny Taste is coming to Macy’s next Friday!   We always joke that we hardly ever see that Culinary Kitchen used, so we got tickets and will go on our lunch next week.

My lunch was my meal prepped Greek chicken, that I was planning on making into a wrap.  I had the idea of slightly toasting my pita bread, but I ended up burning it – so this “chicken plate” was lunch.  Still tasty!

By late afternoon, the rain went away and the sky was gorgeous.

Since Hannah and I have started our Tidying around the house, its become clear that we waste a lot.  Mostly food – either something gets lost in the fridge, or before the pantry was cleaned, I’d buy more of the same thing because I couldn’t find what I already had.  WASTE LESS.  That’s my mantra for 2019.

With that in mind, I never did a full grocery shop this week because I have PLENTY of food in my house.  It was like being on Chopped!  I had four ingredients to work with:  pork chop/napa cabbage/apple/prepared mashed potatoes.

That’s when this quick skillet kraut was born.  I realize now that I need to take more pictures for the blog because I was doing stories on Instagram while I was making this, but trust me, if you love mustard and vinegar, this meal is going to be your jam.

While most food bloggers are like “let’s add a shit ton of colorful food to the plate!”  I was like, “nah, give me 50 shades of beige.”  This dinner came together in less than 15 minutes.  #winning


And I had seltzer water in my stemless wine glass – still going strong for #wwdryjanuary šŸ˜€

My friend Ashley talked about this WW app – it’s an alarm!  You can set it to say different things, and this morning I used the “rise & shine” – such a positive way to start the day!   It’s called “Wake Up with WW” – you can find it in the app store.  I still hit the snooze once though šŸ˜€

I took down all my Christmas decorations last night – felt good to get the house back in shape.  I thought I could do it in 30 minutes, turns out it was 60 minutes, but it’s done.  Every night this week I have smallish tasks to do around the house – tonight is the dining room table – sometimes that becomes the catch all over time.  Baby steps in getting a decluttered home – and I am loving it!

Do you go in spurts of cleaning – or is your house always company ready?  Curious to know!

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!