I usually write recipes down while I am on the train ride home from work.  I write them in the WW app, switching up things to get them sometimes to a point value that I like.  I kind of go through the motions of making the recipe in my head, and of course, it always comes out perfect in my head!  Duh.

I knew I had to use up some delicata squash, and while I am still on the #deliring bandwagon, wanted to see if I could make. . . delicata tots!

An Instagram friend Ann showed me how she cores out the squash, and it’s a game changer.  I cut off both ends and use a melon baller to scoop out the seeds – so quick and easy!

My thought was to shred the raw squash and cook it raw – I thought if I cooked the squash, they would be more mash potatoey, ya know?

After mixing up the ingredients, I shaped them into “tot” shape.  They will be wet – don’t worry!  I then froze them for 10 minutes while I heated up my deep fryer.  I thought they would hold their shape better that way.

But after the first bite, guess what I made guys?  HUSH PUPPIES!  Yep, they taste just like Long John Silvers hush puppies to me.  And I am not hating that at all.  I fucking love LJS, but sadly the closest one is 18 miles from my house – not that I keep checking once a month to see if one opens up closer to me. šŸ˜€

I get asked about my fryer all the time, but it’s an older model that has been updated.  So I suggest that if you are going to get a deep fryer, get one that has a digital thermometer, there are some brands out there that just have a knob to turn to get to 350 – I like that my fryer cooks at exactly the right temperature so my food is crispy, not greasy.  See that oil in my fryer – it’s crystal clear.  I will get about 10 fries before I have to switch out the oil.  When it’s not in use, it has a top and the oil just sits in there – it’s perfectly fine.

My dinner:  Two 2 ounce open faced burgers with shredded Parmesan cheese, and my #delipups – a hashtag my friends Ann and Tracey came up with on Instagram – love it!


Turns out Hannah and Jacob’s pups liked the #delipups too!  I eventually shared.  I am such a nice grandma like that. šŸ˜€

I didn’t go grocery shopping this week, other than hitting up the meat bin on Saturday.  But I knew that I had plenty of stuff to make this week.  It may be a bit eclectic, but that’s okay!   Like this breakfast – a mini greek yogurt banana parfait, 1/2 a mini quiche, and deli ham.   Two points for the parfait, 3 points for 1/2 of the quiche (recipe coming soon!) and 1 point for the ham.

Jenn and I got our walking shoes on yesterday at lunch – a perfect 60 degrees.  Gorgeous.  I think yesterday is going to be our warmest day this week.

Lunch was this soup – so good!  I am calling it a Tuscan White Bean soup – its thickened with butternut squash and canned potatoes – I will post this recipe tomorrow – this serving is only 3 points – I used a sundried tomato chicken sausage to make the mini meatballs.  Yum.  

Last night I checked my blood sugar before bed and it was 107 – nice!  Usually whatever my blood sugar is when I go to bed is what it should be when I get up.  I took my night time insulin like I normally do – it’s slow acting insulin.

I woke up at 3:30 with a blood sugar of 32 – dangit.  I walked right to the pantry, and the first thing I saw was vanilla wafers that Hannah bought for a dessert she wanted to make.  I just reached in, grabbed a handful, and when I still had that awful feeling of low blood sugar, just kept reaching in and reaching in – in all I think I ate about 40 mini vanilla wafers.  Then I went back to bed.

I thought “it was probably only 15 points.”  I scanned the box – and holy fuck – THIRTY POINTS!  And 700 calories.  Rat farts.  Then I looked up and saw bananas in the fruit bowl – yes, I could/should have eaten a banana, but when my brain is in that low blood sugar mode, I just want that feeling to go away asap and all chances of rational thought goes out the window.

So I am starting today with 30 points spent already, and only 1 weekly left, and it’s only Tuesday.  Guess who is definitely going to the gym tonight?!  That would be ME.

Happy Tuesday friends- don’t get diabetes, okay?!  Thanks.

Make it a great day!