One of the questions I get asked most on Instagram posts, especially my dinner posts, is why do I bother cooking just for myself after a long day of work.  Why bother?

Well, one reason is that you guys know I love to cook, but second, I am worth it.  I am worth more than pouring a bowl of cereal or a heating up a can of soup.  YOU are worth it.

I got this comment yesterday and it warmed my heart!!

And then she took a picture of her dinner and told me how delicious it was, didn’t take nearly as long to put together as she thought, and she enjoyed every bite.  Love.

Then she said: “Nourishing ourselves is a form of self-respect and I never knew it because no one told me.”  

I love that in this little part of the internet I can inspire a handful of people to take the extra time to nourish their bodies with good food – we deserve it!

Here is something that I learned about my Mock Buttermilk Biscuits I made over the weekend.  The day I made them, like still warm out of the oven?  Delicious – light crunch on the bottom but tender on the inside.  But left in a ziploc bag for a few days?  Um, let’s just say they were a tad dry.  I made this breakfast sammie and after the first bite, couldn’t eat the biscuit.  I ate the guts in the middle, and the fruit, and then remembered that not only did I have some leftover very berry sauce, but I also had some of Rachel’s apple butter.  Second breakfast commenced!

You guys, this felt like dessert for breakfast!  So if you make my biscuits, save the leftovers for something like below, or sausage gravy ๐Ÿ˜€  No judgment here.

Jenn and I answered a bunch of questions on my Instagram story – so if you are on there, you can check it out.  I got at least a half a dozen questions if people tell me that Hannah looks more like my sister than me – I get that a lot!  Hannah is basically our triplet born 23 years after us ๐Ÿ˜€

I had more of my copycat Panera lemon chicken soup – with pearl pasta, because I was out of orzo.  Delish. 

I found more delicata squash – whew!  Next week is the end of the farmers market season – it went by so fast.  Of course, you knew I had to use the Lord’s Gourd to make my #delirings!  My friend Erin who I went to high school with and played field hocket with (and lives in my town – I need to set a date for beers and burgers Erin!) texted me earlier in the week that she sent her husband to the grocery store for a few things.

He came back from the store with a delicata squash!  Um, turns out he follows me too, and tonights, its on their dinner menu.  Can’t wait to see if they like them.  I also got shashito peppers (not sure that’s spelled right) and cherry peppers, so I fried up a couple of those too. ๐Ÿ˜€

I did a quick pork chop on the side – just did creole seasoning and cooked in my cast iron skillet for 4 minutes a side, with a lid on, and them let it sit to rest for 5 minutes.  It was juicy, tender and delish.  A perfect weeknight dinner if you ask me.

Question of the Day:  Even if you cook for a family, if you happen to be by yourself, do you make yourself a meal, or do you just graze all night, or just pick up fast food?  I am curious!

We had it to Friday friends – Hooray!  I am going to see my sister and Mom on Sunday for my Mom’s fall concert – looking forward to that.  Mom, I’ll call you to see if you want to grab dinner afterwards.

Make it a great day!