Yep, more computer problems at my house, although we think it may have to do with the surge protector that I have.  It’s old, and it was making funny noises, so I plan on getting that replaced this weekend.  I was also a grocery shopping/cooking fool last night, so really I didn’t have time to blog even if I had wanted to.

I am doing fresh turkey breasts, turkey legs and turkey wings on the grill, and I was worried since I waited so long (and too late to buy a frozen turkey!) that they would all be gone, but I literally bought the last two packages of each protein that were on the shelf – whew!

We are having my Momma and Jacob’s family over for Thanksgiving.  There will be lots of food, but I am going to try not to pretend that this is the last meal I will ever eat on earth!  

I finally got my key card so I can access the fitness center and hope to check that out today at lunch.  I am looking forward to a couple days off, and hope to see my step-son Joe and his wife Lizz sometime this weekend – it’s hard when they have their own families and friends to see, that the “step-mom” stop sometimes gets bumped because of lack of time.  We shall see.  Today is also their 4th wedding anniversary!  Congrats!

In any event, I am thankful for all of you.  You’ve been through so much with me, especially these last few years and I appreciate each and every comment, email, text, gifts you’ve sent me over the years.  It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

So until I get my home computer situation fixed, My Bizzy Kitchen will be taking a break until Monday.  

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Hugs!