While I would have appreciate a bit more of a fall temps in the 50s, I am not hating on this weather.  But can you answer this questions?  How is it that every year I can never find ANY winter accessories – I found ONE hat that my brother gave me for Christmas and that’s about it – no gloves at all.  

10.25.17 003

After a few days of cloudy and rainy, the sun reappeared!

10.25.17 005

I have no idea what to call this breakfast, but a picky plate with a fork šŸ˜€  I scrambled egg whites and red cabbage and cheese (3) and rolled the eggs up in slices of ham (1).  One the side was 1/4 of a baked potato (2) and grapes on the side – breakfast came in at 6 points.

10.25.17 013

I texted my sister on the way to work telling her WE ARE WALKING TODAY!  It wasn’t until someone reminded me that I had a mandatory lunch meeting to go to – rat farts!  And she’s working from home today, so we won’t see each other until Fancy Food Friday tomorrow.

Just as I was sitting down to my lunch meeting, Jacob sent a video – we had a bird flying in the house!  I left first, then Hannah and neither one of us noticed a bird flying in the house.  Jacob woke up to the dogs barking at the bird flying around.  He really had no idea how he was going to catch it when the bird flew into the Chemex!  It was laying on its side in an open cabinet.  The bird was safely released šŸ˜€

10.25.17 018

Pizza was being offered for lunch and after a short debate, it was quick and easy and I had two slices with an unphotographed salad I ate during the meeting.

10.25.17 019

So not surprising, I worked late.  I seriously get so much work done from 5-7 without all the constant interruptions.  The sunset was gorgeous – had to take a picture because it would be pitch black by the time I left.

10.25.17 020

I had texted my roommates that I was working late, and Jacob texted back that he made his Zesty Chicken soup.  HELLS YES!!  You guys, you have no idea how much I love this soup.  It even has onions in it and I don’t care. šŸ˜€  The broth is spicy, yet flavorful spicy, but not too spicy that Hannah won’t eat it – although she mostly just eats the veggies and broth.  There is A LOT of lime in this too – and with the extra hit of lime from the zest on top?  I could literally eat the whole pot by myself. 

10.25.17 030

But here’s the deal – he doesn’t have a recipe – he just made it up and goes by taste to add a bit more cumin or more lime.  Next time he makes it though I am writing down the recipe, because you will want to make this – promise!

Here we are to Thursday already, this week is going by so fast.  Fingers crossed I don’t have to work late tonight, my only saving grace is that one of my bosses is out of the office, so we will see.  The sun is out so I hope to get my walk in at lunch.

Can’t wait to post some chocolate zuccnhini muffins tomorrow – they turned out so good!  Check out my Instastory to see how they turned out (mybizzykitchen on Instagram). šŸ˜€

Make it a great day!