I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be to go grocery shopping this weekend – I didn’t want to eat all the food that Hannah and Jacob had, but I did steel some of their Greek yogurt to make this parfait.  So simple, so delicious.  I couldn’t fit all the granola on this, but added it as I ate – 4 points of granola, the rest were free, so 4 points for breakfast.  And this kept me full for hours!

It was a good thing too because I never took a lunch yesterday.  Just the timing of some stuff and by the time I could have gone, it was already 2:45, so like I would at home, I checked out my pantry and fridge at work and came up with the food below.  It worked, and I also forget how filling the Premier Protein is.  

But you know what I can nearly always make even if I think I have nothing?  Pizza!  Flour, salt, greek yogurt, water – I almost always have those ingredients.  If you’ve tried the 2 ingredient dough that’s going around, don’t make it – it’s not very good.  But, by adding some water and yogurt and salt to the mix, you’ve got an amazing pizza dough – ready right when you make it, and gets better in the fridge the longer it sits.

Check out my skinny pizza dough here.  I topped mine with . . . leftovers!  Romaine lettuce, corn, pickled jalapenos, turkey pepperoni and bacon bits – the whole pizza is 12 points and I ate every bite – I was hangry!

Is there any smell better than pizza?  Well, fresh bread comes to mind, and brownies, and chocolate chip cookies . . . but I digress!

I get this question asked a lot on Instagram – a Baking Steel is just that – a piece of steel that you can bake at high temperatures with.  You can check out their products here.  Yes, they are expensive, but if you buy pizza for your family twice a month, this will pay for itself.  How gorgeous is that?!

I ate while catching up with American Ninja Warrior – kind of ironic how I am watching these super athletes while sitting on my couch eating pizza 😀  My peanut gallery below – Rummy is always looking at me like “grandma, where’s my bite!” while Roman just waits patiently because he knows I’ll share eventually.

So now that I’ve become a fashion blogger too with all the jewelry I’ve been wearing, I am starting to organize what I have and need to buy some type of jewelry organizer – if you use something, let me know! 

Tony gave me a real deal string of pearls my first birthday we were together – after we’d already been married for three months – I didn’t really realize it until today that we met and married before we even celebrated my birthday together!

I’ve always kept it in the same velvet box he gave it to me.  I’ve probably only worn it a dozen or so times, because I felt like it was meant for special occasions.  But guess what?  Every day you wake up is a special occasion.  Making it to Friday after a long work week is a special occasion.  Having a roof over your head and food to eat – that’s a special occasion. 

So my advise to you – don’t wait for a special occasion.  Wear the pearls!