I wrote on an Instagram post that Hannah and I both have been half assing it the first part of this year.  Not staying consistent with our goals.  Much like when my sister and I lived in a two flat together (Hannah and I lived upstairs and she and her family lived downstairs) we could talk each other into doing Taebo (remember that!) or talk each other into ordering pizza.  Same goes with me and Hannah.  Someone said that we should try going #fullass – I love that hashtag!

I had a successful second day on track.  I started out with this delicious bowl of oatmeal, perfect for a chilly morning.  I just microwave the oatmeal (1/2 cup oats to 1 cup water – microwave in a 4 cup measuring dish for 2 minutes – done).  I stirred in a teaspoon cinnamon sugar, added sauteed apples and drizzled with blueberries and a tablespoon of granola for texture.  5 points.

I got a few comments about my fancy a$$ spoon – my boss brought it back from a trip he did in Vancouver (hey Roz!) – um, its pewter and cost $50!  I feel so fancy when I use it – and I use it nearly every day.

My sister and I trekked to Mariano’s, even though it was rainy and cold.  We would pretty much walk through anything to get to a grocery store.  My Lerd, have you seen their candy display?!!  I am also confident all that stuff is insulin worthy.

And this foccaccia bread?!  I almost bought it, but then I noticed they had a 2 ounce jalapeno foccaccia muffin individually wrapped for $1.29 – sold!

I was going to accessorize my lunch with the tiny muffin – um, not.  It was FULL of onions, huge ones, tiny ones, the whole thing.  I texted my sister on my train ride home – maybe she was right – God’s way of saying “don’t eat that!”  

I have to give a shout out to the woman in hospitality at my office who cleaned out my “kitchen” drawer.  I also have a spice cabinet and a food scale in another cabinet. šŸ˜€  I keep telling myself I need to bring my panini maker to work.  Thanks Theresa!

If you watched my story on Instagram Monday night, when I got home from the gym, I cooked up a chicken breast to bring to work.  Knowing that I was going to reheat it, I only cooked it 75% through at home.  When I reheat it, I cook it in 30 second increments (I slice through the thickest part) and keep cooking at 30 second increments until the thickest part is cooked through.  See how juicy it still is?!  No more dry chicken!  #themoreyouknow

My lunch:  5 ounces of chicken, 1/2 cup rice, zucchini and a combination of Carolina BBQ sauce and Tabasco sriracha.   4 points.

My blood sugar was only 75 when I got back from Mariano’s at lunch, so I didn’t take any insulin with lunch.  Later in the afternoon I had a banana, and on the train ride home I had two laughing cow cheese wedges (3) with mango.  When I got home my blood sugar was 344 – oops!

It was perfect though because I went to the gym within 15 minutes of being home.  Because my blood sugar was high, I gave myself 5 units of fast acting insulin, and with the exercise, brought it down just fine.  I did 2 miles on the treadmill, 3.3 mph at 10% incline, 15 minutes of upper body and a good 5 minutes of stretching.  

Now if this doesn’t motivate you to get off your ass, I don’t know what will.  We’ve belonged to Planet Fitness since last summer, and I’ve seen this couple dozens of times.  Once I heard this husband bend down to his wife, give her a kiss on her head and he said “we’ll get you strong enough so you can walk again, don’t worry honey.”  Makes me teary about how much dedication that husband has for his wife.  Remember, you GET  to work out, you don’t HAVE to.

You’ll be happy to know that my blood sugar before bed was 116 – nice!

But the highlight of my day?  THIS GUMBO.  Holy balls, was this good.  Hannah made one of Jacob’s favorite dishes.  She watched a bunch of YouTube videos, went grocery shopping, stirred the roux for THIRTY minutes and this is hands down the best gumbo I’ve ever had – including Heaven on Seven in Chicago – not kidding!

She wrote the recipe down as she was making it – thank God because I could eat this every week.  Okay now, the roux?  Was a cup of flour and a cup of oil, which is no wonder why it tastes so good.  I am counting it as 9 points a cup and worth every single one.  The broth is the perfect balance of spicy yet flavorful.  And lucky me, Hannah packed my lunch today and I have that for lunch today.  I’ll be sure to post the recipe when she cleans it up – it was full of scratched out notes.  This cooking Momma couldn’t be prouder.  Fun Fact though – Hannah didn’t like it – she liked the broth over rice, but she doesn’t eat sausage, shrimp or chicken.  Scratch that – the only chicken she eats is chicken fingers. Photo credit to Hannah – and no, I didn’t not have sliced green onions on the top of mine. šŸ˜€


Another epic step day!

And you know since I am kicking ass, you know I am full of inspiration šŸ˜›

No inspirational quote at the end of this post, but you must be wondering what Opposite Biz means.  Well, I did the opposite of what I have been doing.  I ate the food I packed instead of thinking “maybe I could pick something else up?” I passed on all the things I would have thrown in my cart at Mariano’s (read – their homemade potato chips which are amazing!), we walked at lunch even though we both could have said its too cold and rainy, I went to the gym after work even though I had The Voice AND American Ido on my DVR.  I said no to donuts at work.  There are a million ways to get off track in a day – I just did the opposite of what I have been doing and it was a successful Day 2. 

Happy Wednesday – make it a great day!  

p.s.  can you show me some comment love over at The Chopping Block?  My beef and spring vegetable lo mein is up – so good!