What an amazing Monday I had yesterday!  I was City Biz, not Country Biz where I live.  And I really like City Biz.

Since I was at my Mom’s house over the weekend, there was no grocery shopping, no meal planning of any sort.  But I knew I had some stuff at work to get for breakfast because I had both lunch and dinner out yesterday.

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Jenn and I took our favorite street performer out to lunch yesterday.  His name is Andrew, he’s 27 and he’s just so sweet.  Jenn and I have already told him we would be his Chicago Mom’s because his parents live downstate.  You can check out his facebook page here.  All I know is that he needs a record contract, we literally race to him every time we hear his voice on our lunch walks.

Since I had no idea what I was going to eat for dinner since I was the guest, even though the Dearborn has one of my favorite burgers in Chicago, I went with the heirloom salad with salmon.  So good!  I couldn’t get Jenn to even try it. šŸ˜›


My friends at The Hotel Monaco set me up in a one bedroom suite.  What the what?!  It was gorgeous.

The view from my window seat.  Um, there were four window seats.

I may have taken a 15 minute shower this morning. šŸ˜€


I had a sweet note from the hotel, a bottle of champagne, sparkling water and cheese and fruit – how nice!

And then it was time to meet up with my new friend Erica and her husband Dan for dinner.  Oh my gosh – such a wonderful couple.  I am so happy our paths crossed because I think we have the start of a really great business relationship. 

More details to follow, but I have a great feeling about it.

She made a copycat Portillo’s salad and it was so good.  

It was nice not to be a slave to the train schedule.  I made it back to my hotel a little after 9.  Was able to relax for a couple hours and I slept in until 7:15 this morning – nice!  What is it about hotel pillows that are so amazing?!

View at night.

I’ve had a relaxing morning sipping on coffee, listening to the news in the background and sitting in one of the window seats writing this blog.  The view isn’t too shabby!

Happy Tuesday friends.  Make it a great day!  Love, Biz