I didn’t stick to my meal plan at all this week.  While I could have easily made steel cut oats at home, I picked up a small container at Pret (4) and added bananas, blueberries, strawberries and 2 tablespoons of granola (2).  Even though this is a high carb breakfast, it is most definitely insulin worthy.

9.7.17 011

My days have been off since we were off work on Monday, so when Hannah and Jacob asked if I would have lunch with them I absolutely said yes.  Not even realizing it was Thursday and my usual Weight Watcher meeting.  I still go to the meetings by my house on Saturday’s, but I really love the Thursday leader.  Next week for sure!  We headed back to Revival Food Hall.  

I knew Jacob would be all over the brisket, and I was on that bandwagon as well.  Hannah couldn’t decide, but after tasting one bite of the brisket she said “I’ll have a chopped brisket sandwich please!”  Probably the most meat she’s eaten in the last six months.

9.7.17 017

Oh my word – so delicious.  If you have a chance to eat at Smoque in Chicago, I highly recommend it.  They also have amazing pulled pork sandwiches and jalapeno sausage.  

9.7.17 022

Brisket is actually low in points.  I asked for the leanest part of the brisket for my chopped sammie.  

9.7.17 028

The three amigos!  Even though I live with them, I still love that they like to hang out with me. 😀

9.7.17 025

They went on to stop by my sisters office, and then headed to the Shedd Aquarium because it was a free admittance day.  They walked from the loop all the way to the museum campus – which is about 5 miles!  We all made the 5:33 and took the train ride home together.  

They had a taste for chicken, and picked up chicken wings and tenders from Jewel and brought it home.  I took one chicken finger, tossed it in Frank’s hot sauce and made a buffalo chicken finger salad with tater tot croutons.  Yes, you read that correctly – the tots totally made this salad.

And this dressing is AMAZEBALLS.  Yes, I am shouting because I want you to run right to the store and buy some.  One smart point per tablespoon and it tastes rich and delicious.  Thank you Bolthouse Farms for sending me this!

This was delicious.  Although when I was eating it, it instantly reminded me of Tony, as this was my signature salad (well, the chicken tender salad – not the tots!) I would have when Tony was in the hospital.

9.7.17 042


9.7.17 045


I’ve somehow found myself on the Struggle Bus this week.  You know what sucks about being on the Struggle Bus?  I am the fricken driver and I have yet to stop driving and let myself off.  I’ve had wine every night, snacking after dinner – my actual three square meals have been on point though, it’s just the “extra” shit that has to end.  I will face the scale tomorrow and accept what it says and move on.

My one Instagram friend Jane who enjoys cocktails as much as me, gained 5.2 pounds and she said “if you booze, you will not lose” and that’s so true.  I’ve gotten my 15k steps nearly every day this week, but haven’t been to the gym since last Saturday, so I have to get back on track.  Because we are coming into the “season” as I like to call it the season of eating – from Halloween to Christmas – it will all be here before we know it and I can’t end the year where I started it.

Anyone else on the Struggle Bus?  How do you tell yourself to get off of it?!

Looking forward to lunch today – my Momma is going to join me and my sister for Fancy Food Friday!  I am not going to treat it like my last supper before getting back on – check out the menu – what would you order?  I might get the scallop appetizer for my lunch. 

Off to write in my journal on the remainder of my train ride in to work this morning.  Make it a great day and Happy Friday!