I had quite the social week!  I am adding another post to my Chicago Dining Category – hands down the #1 question I am asked “Biz, where should I eat in the city?”  I am slowly chipping away at some of the restaurants on my long list of places I want to try.

City Mouse is in the Fulton Market district in the West Loop.  If I won the lottery I’d buy a loft in the West Loop in a heat beat.  It’s such a cool area of the city.

Morgan and I are trying really hard to enjoy life, but still lose weight – we texted each other back and forth and decided on one drink and sharing plates – perfect!

I’ve never had an aperol spritz before hanging out with Morgan.  This drink screams summer – slightly sweet, a bit bitter – so refreshing.

We started out with the burrata, and I literally cannot wait to recreate this at home.  Fresh mozzarella on top of an eggplant puree, with blueberries, tomatillos and basil – what?!

Oh my gosh – this combo was amazing!!

Next up, we shared the ricotta angnolotti – dried tomato, saffron, honey and pine nuts stuff with homemade ricotta with purple basil.  #swoon

Roasted Cauliflower with caramelized cabbage, smoked dates, pistachio, and urfa biber – whatever the hell that is – this was amazing.

And lastly . . .Wagyu Steak with smoked potatoes, asparagus and black garlic sauce.  The meat was so flavorful and tender.  We estimated our dinner to be 25 points including our drink, which I don’t think is too bad!  

And after I entered everything on my app on the train ride home last night, realized I still have 14 weekly points left – what?!  So proud of how I’ve handled this week.

My timehop was bittersweet this morning.  Most of my timehop is all food and I’ll think “I totally forgot about that dish!” 

This morning this photo popped up.  After this photo was taken I had to leave him for six days to go back to work while he was getting tests done.

Tony never slept well in hospitals when I wasn’t there.  By day 4 he called and said “can you come back early?”  I was sitting at my desk at work and I just stood up and said “I have to go!”  They were very understanding.  I remember stopping by the house and packing a small bag and was on the road to Rochester to Mayo Clinic within 40 minutes of that phone call.

It was a give hour drive.  When I got there, he smiled, we kissed and hugged.  And then fell asleep for the next 12 hours šŸ˜€  I was the sleep whisperer.

Happy Friday friends.  Hug your family today and often.  Tell them Biz told you too šŸ˜€