I am home, back on the train and back to reality.  It was a short, but lovely 5 day getaway.  I think 5 days is the perfect amount of time to be away – long enough to where you feel you got a vacation in, but not too long if that makes any sense?

Yesterday at this time I had my feet swishing in the Rappahannock River with a coffee in my hand and the only sound was the sound of the birds and the splash of the water when a fish made a jump.

Our visits to the river house are so laid back.  No real agenda – water/coffee/food/wine/beer/repeat.  #love

I love spending time with everyone – my brother Charlie and his wife Laura and daughter Rachel were there, my cousin Brian (and his wife Lori and son Maddison drove up for an afternoon), my cousin Karen and her husband Paul, and their grandkids Riley and Jamar.  It was a full house. 

Lot’s of laughter, lots of games.

My cousin Brian is a singer/songwriter on the side – he started putting his music on Spotify, so if you could give him a follow, I would appreciate it!  You can check it out here.

Riley particularly loved my brother Charlie – she was next to him, or touching him, or sitting on him pretty much the whole time she was there.  She will be 6 in August.

I wore a bathing suit without a shirt or shorts overtop and gave zero effs about it.  Life is too short not to jump feet first into life and guess what – it doesn’t matter what the number is on the scale.  Stop waiting to get to that certain wait to begin living your life – no one cares.

While I sit at my desk tomorrow, I’ll be dreaming about this view.

I had a lot of time to focus on what I want to do – one of the things is to put up YouTube recipe videos of some of my favorite recipes – even if they will not be very professional.  My goal is to do one a week.  I also need to venture out in the one minute food video game – I know it’s just a learning curve, but I know I can figure it out.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!!