Can you believe its 5 days until Christmas?  Me either!   The kadults and I decided to have a low key Christmas – and be happy spending time with each other instead of spending tons of money on each other, and I love this concept.  It takes the anxiety out of the holiday to find the “perfect” gift, or spend hundreds of dollars – I told the kadults I don’t need anything – well, that’s a lie.  I wanted two things.  

I want Gina’s Skinny Taste Meal Planner.   And I wanted this for my cell phone.  It’s always this time of year for me that I realize I have too much stuff that I don’t really use.  I actually have a plan to give away a cookbook a week next year, and that will still not put a dent in my cookbook collection – they need to go to homes where they will be used!  And with technology, it will be easy to scan the recipes I want and give away the book to someone who will use it.  Stay tuned in January!


Simple Girl products were introduced to me last summer when they sent me a sample set of their products.  The other day I posted a picture of my chicken drizzled in their Carolina sauce – that sauce got lost in the back of my closet and I am almost out.  Sadly, they are out of stock on that product, but they have more amazing things – like these seasoninngs below – steak seasoning, sweet and hot Louisiana seasoning, lemon herb and sea salt.  All of these seasonings are sugar free, gluten free, vegan and oil-free.



Below is a “build your own” salad dressing set.  If you win the giveaway, you can select from these choices, such as citrus ginger or sweet mustard.


It’s my little way of thanking you for following me along this year (and several years for a lot of you!) and these products are delicious on their own, or if you are following the Weight Watchers plan.  

To win, tell me one think you are thankful for going into this holiday season – that’s it!   I’ll pick a winner on Christmas morning.  

Hope you have a wonderful day!  Hugs 😀