Good morning and happy Thursday!   

First up – I am hosting a Step Bet!  If you have an iPhone, did you know you have a pedometer already on your phone – it’s under the health button! 

So what is Step Bet?  You bet $40 that you will get all the steps allocated to you (based on your walking already – you can sync the stepbet to your iPhone or FitBit) and it will calculate your high steps (for 2 days) and regular steps, and it even gives you rest days too.

It’s an app though – stepbet – my game code is BIZ – it starts on July 28!

Yesterday I drank a proffee (protein coffee) on the way to work for 2 points.  I was still starving when I got downtown, so I stopped at Walgreen’s and picked up some ham, hard boiled eggs and a banana for $3.22.  Doesn’t everyone get their breakfast from Walgreens?!

One of the top questions I get asked on Instagram is: “Biz, how are you so cool?!” 

Ha!  Seriously though, it’s “Biz, I am coming to Chicago – where do I HAVE to eat?! 

And I mostly answer – “I have no idea!”  I really only eat out within a six block radius from my office – I haven’t really eaten in any of the Chicago neighborhoods like Andersonville, Rogers Park, Roscoe Village – just toname a few.

My boss asked me the other day to pick a day to go out to lunch and yesterday was that day.  My boss never eats breakfast, usually has lunch around 12:30 and then eats pasta at home most nights because it’s quick and easy.  He’s also a “food as fuel” type of person, so I was happy when he said “pick any restaurant.”

I picked Cochon Volant Brasserie.  It’s just four blocks from our office, in the loop near the Theater district and it’s open for lunch and dinner every day, and brunch on the weekends.

Jay got the salmon salad with fries on the side.  

I got the mussels – holy cow were these amazing!  They were sitting in a white wine spicy tomato sauce with a basil aioli with fries on the side.  I ate every single mussel, and about 10 fries and called lunch 8 points.  I wasn’t sure if there was oil in the broth, but it was so good.  I cannot wait to recreate this recipe at home.

I legit could have poured that sauce in a glass and just sip it like soup – so spic and delicious!

I am also doing a meet up with my friend Erica on August 10 at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora from 11-1.  It’s all free – the food is being catered by Naf Naf Grill – and we will have giveaways.  But we only have a certain amount of free tickets to give away – so if you want to be sure to get one, just click on this link and you will get an email to sign up five minutes before they go on “sale.”  It should be so much fun!

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!