If you have not tried ahi tuna with avocado salsa, it’s so good!  My late husband introduced me to this and I just assumed I hated it and never gave it a chance.

My sister and I were able to walk together for about 30 minutes – her schedule was a bit more open than mine, so she walked to my office, met my new boss and his team.  The question we always get asked once they find out we are twins was “why didn’t you tell me you are a twin?!”  As adults, I don’t know how it would even come up in conversation.  Imagine if I am in a job interview and they say “tell me a little about yourself” and I’d say, well, first I want to tell you that I have a twin sister.” 😛 

This soup tasted delicious over the weekend even though it looks like ass here.  It was a “cream” of broccoli soup made with Bolthouse Farms plant milk with Jennie-O turkey sausage.  But somehow it turned out REALLY salty.  Like, I ate about 1/2 a cup and had to call it quits.  I had some string cheese and mango instead.  So back to the drawing board on that one!

11.8.17 021

The sunset was so pretty last night, I almost missed it!  I only worked 45 minutes late, which wasn’t too bad.

11.8.17 025

But as I was walking to the train, I could feel my blood sugar dropping.  I wanted to catch the 6:01 train because it’s the shortest train of them all for me – 57 minutes!  I had just enough time to go to the French Market and get some grapes for the train ride home, and literally made it by 20 seconds – whew!

11.8.17 026

But there were train delays on the way home, so I didn’t get home until 7:30 anyway.  

For this ahi tuna with avocado salsa, simply defrost one portion at a time.  I remember the first time Tony made me a tuna steak, I made him cook it until it was grey all the way through.  And after I tried it I told him I didn’t care for it – he said “because you made me ruin it!”

I got some messages on Instagram and WW connect yesterday saying that they never tried buying frozen tuna, they always bought it fresh at Whole Foods.  Um, Whole Foods doesn’t get their tuna (or any other seafood for that matter) fresh.  They always defrost what they think they can sell, so why not buy it frozen because its cheaper.  I got 7 steaks in my bag from Sam’s Club for $18.

11.8.17 039

And yet another way to use Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning!   I added about 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan over high heat, and cooked each side for just 40 seconds.  That’s it!

11.8.17 044

I diced up an avocado, but it didn’t taste very good, so I used jarred avocado salsa and drizzled that over the top.  The tuna steak is 2 points (one for the tuna and one for the 1/2 tsp. coconut oil), the green beans and garlic were 1 point with the 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil, the rice was 3 points and the salsa was barely 1 point at 20 calories.  If anyone is counting macros, this came in at 30 protein, 44 carbs, and 6 fat.

11.8.17 046

Speaking of macros, this new program I’ve been talking about is based on counting macros, not calories.  I find it fascinating, but I’ve always been interested in the “numbers” of food, whether its figuring out how many carbs to manage my diabetes, to counting points, whatever, I don’t mind at all.

So yesterday I got my macros – its low/medium/high carb days (well, the highest carb day is 125 grams, which is the bare minimum if you ask me) but everyone on the forum is jumping up and down saying that there is no way these numbers are right.  One guy who weighs 155 pounds and is an avid body builder was given the same macros as one member who is 250 pounds and only works out 3 days a week.  We all filled out a detail questionnaire, and your macros should be based on age/weight/activity.  So two people who may weigh the exact same, if one sits at a desk for 12 hours out of the day and the other does cross-fit, their macros would be different.

So I am just going to let the dust settle a bit, and see how over the next few days it all shakes out, and start the program on Monday like pretty much everyone else I saw on the forum.  

Happy Thursday!  I already know it’s going to be a busy day, so just going to keep my head down and power through.  Looking forward to my pumpkin steel cut oats for breakfast though – I made them last night with Bolthouse Farms plant milk and they are so creamy!  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.  Make it a great day!

Let me know if you make this ahi tuna with avocado salsa.  If you love seafood, check out my coconut shrimp!