I had such a fun weekend with my brother and his family. The best part is that we didn’t make a single plan all weekend – I think it was something we both needed – just to hang out and relax.  Since I was staying at my Mom’s house, I wasn’t distracted by laundry, or what I should be doing around the house.  It was so nice!  Miss you guys already!

I was able to make my two dishes at my Moms house. I made Damn Delicious chive bacon biscuits – I altered her recipe a bit by reducing the butter, making them small and using peppered bacon. So good!

These came in at 4 smart points and worth every one.

Shout out to Hannah for being my Uber driver and picking me up! It was nice not to have to race from Chicago to the burbs to get to Cooking Club on time.

Mary Beth made a signature drink of Proseco with pear and thyme – so good!

Courtney our hostess made Parmesan stuffed mushrooms – they were so good I could have made a meal with just the Proseco and mushrooms.

Donna made these honey walnut crostini with goat cheese #swoon – I’ll be posting that recipe soon. She basically had me at goat cheese and honey.

I am having problems with my internet connection on the train this morning but at my lunch break or tonight I’ll post the recipe for this Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp made with sun dried tomatoes and bucatini pasta. Why don’t I use sun dried tomatoes? This dish was outstanding.

EDIT:  Here is the recipe!


My biscuits …

Julie made these devil bars because the devil will make you want to eat all of them. I’ll link to the recipe later today.

I had two glasses of this deliciousness šŸ¤¤

I never took a still shot of Lindsay’s broccoli salad or Catherine’s Cobb Salad, but you can see the spread here:

Her table was decorated so cute – we all got these cute bunnies.

My plate:

It was such a great night of great food, great conversation and great friends.

And we had a special guest – meet Seylah – she’s six weeks old and looks like a doll.

Her Mom now has four kids under the age of 6! You are such an inspiration Mary Beth!

And thank you to Hannah for doing my hair and makeup šŸ’•

And that brings us to Tuesday and back to work – womp womp. I was only gone a day and a half but I expect no one covered my desk so it will be a busy day.

I never grocery shopped for the week so my ears will be interesting šŸ˜‚

Make it a great day!