I miss seeing the sun.  I am not one of those people who suffers from winter depression, in fact I love a cold and rainy day – when I don’t have to go anywhere.  Even though it was 45 degrees yesterday, with the wind on the train platform, it felt like 35 degrees and I didn’t have gloves or a winter coat on.

10.24.17 002

I was still so busy yesterday, but I have to realize the work is always going to be there, so around 9:30 I made my breakfast – a sourdough English muffin (4) with egg whites (1) a slice of Weight Watchers American cheese (2) and fruit on the side.  

10.24.17 013

Since it was so gross outside, I decided to work through lunch so I wouldn’t have to stay late.  Around 1:00 I reheated some leftover carba-nada pasta (going to check my stores this week to see if I can find it, otherwise I am going to see if my sister wants to go halvsies online from Amazon).  Yesterday morning before work I decided that I wanted meatballs to go with my pasta, but didn’t have 10 minutes to cook a whole sausage link, so I took the sausage out of the casing, rolled it into tiny balls (see, there I go again, putting balls in my mouth!) and these cooked in a matter of minutes – I knew I’d be reheating them later anyway.

I had to reheat this three times because I kept getting interrupted, but delicious nonetheless!

10.24.17 017

I didn’t meal plan or do a full grocery shop because I had plenty of food to eat at home.  I defrosted some ground beef and Hannah and I enjoyed taco night, while Jacob ate chicken thighs he meal prepped on Sunday night.  I am proud of them – they grocery shopped and meal prepped on Sunday like a boss, and haven’t eaten fast food all week!

While this doesn’t look that appetizing, it was delish – I did a quick saute of zucchini and corn (2) that I sprinkled with Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning – so good!  After I took this picture, I took one bite of the tostada, and then realized they were stale, so dumped the meat off, mixed everything together, and used 1 ounce of tortilla chips for dipping – same points as the tostada shells.

10.24.17 038

I am sure I am not the only one who is shocked that we are already in the last week of October, and only 29 days until Thanksgiving.  My time hop yesterday told me that a mere TWO years ago was my living room reveal that my friend Whitney decorated!  And you know what?  Two years later I’ve not changed a think and it looks exactly the same.  I love how cozy my house feels – and every time I walk into my living room it’s like getting a hug and it saying “welcome home!”

10.24.15 whit 046

Three years ago today, Tony and I sat outside and sipped on cocktails and he had a cigar.  I remember this day like it was yesterday, because it was 68 degrees out and I was in a tank top, and Tony was all bundled up.  I am so happy I took this picture, because it’s the last outdoor picture I have of him.  It is still so surreal that a mere six weeks later I’d be saying goodbye to my best friend for the last time.

10.24.17 041

So live like today is the last day of your life – I know that’s easier said than done, and a reminder to me that while I can think about the past, it doesn’t have to consume me.  There are so many more chapters to my life to be written, even though I am sad that Tony won’t be in them.

Make it a great day!  xoxoxo