Friday night was of course, Party Pizza Friday.  I normally pick up a frozen deep dish to cook at home, but the problem with that?  Leftovers.  And Lou Malnati’s is not that point friendly.  I looked up their menu on the train ride home Friday night, and realized they had a tiny personal deep dish pizza that serves 1!  It looks big in this picture, but it’s probably 4-5 inches across?  Perfect!  I looked up the nutrition and it was 14 smart points – totally doable!

6.18.17we 056

I didn’t realize until AFTER I ate it that while the menu said a personal pizza serves 1, the nutritional value said that it as two servings.  šŸ™  So my baby deep dish pizza was 28 points.  I still love you Lou, but really?!

While you all know that I only buy my clothes at thrift stores and garage sales, a few items I do buy new – underwear, bras and bathing suits.  Hannah and I went to get a mani/pedi but there was a 30 minute wait, so we walked down to Ross.  Not sure why I never thought to go there for bathing suits before, they had hundreds! 

I picked this one up for our vacation next month.  I love the shorts, and the stripes help distract my muffin top.  Thoughts?!

6.18.17we 090

Out of all the colors to choose from, Hannah chose black.  I love the colors I picked – its written down but I don’t have it with me, but its OPI.  We both got the hot rock pedicure ($35) and the no chip manicure ($35) and as we were getting the rock massage, we both said “why don’t we do this more often?” Um, because of the price tag!  $90 with tip, but it was worth it for me, because I had two  in grown toe nails that were killing me – Tony used to take care of that for me – my Mom and I are both prone to them.  So that in itself was worth the $$.

6.18.17we 159

The kadults and I watched a movie together Saturday night.  We had big storms roll through, it rained pretty hard.

I woke up yesterday morning and the weather was amazing – 65 degrees, no humidity.  Love.  I had a taste for French toast and thought maybe I could use the vanilla Premier Protein for the batter.

6.18.17we 181

I really liked these.  Even with the light bread (I would have loved to use French bread – but that would kill on the points!) these were perfect dippers.  I use Smuckers sugar free pancake syrup – it’s by far the best sugar free pancake syrup on the market, and it’s usually the cheapest too!

6.18.17we 200

Tony’s car needed new tires.  Hannah and Jacob switch off using that car with their own depending on their schedules, which is why I held onto it.  It will finally be paid off in October, but the tires were really worn down, so I went to Sam’s Club and got new tires.  I was told it would be 30 minutes, so I walked behind Sam’s Club in the neighborhood – glorious day – 72 degrees and my favorite puffy clouds.

I started heading back thinking my car would be done, but they sold me the wrong tires initally, and the process to exchange the wrong tires with the new tires turned into a 30 minute process – no one knew how to account for the $80 rebate I got on the first set, the second set of tires had no rebate.  I could see the cashier getting really flustered and I told him “no one is dying on the table, it’s all good.”  He thanked me for my patience – he said he’s gotten yelled at from customers before.  That did remind me of Tony, because he had little patience when it came to stuff like that.

In the end, not only was the second set of tires $140 less, they also gave me the $80 rebate and a $30 store gift card for my patience.  Score!

6.18.17we 212

I went grocery shopping after that.  Chicken legs and thighs were .99 cents a pound, and chicken breasts were $1.29 a pound.  I grilled ahead for the week and for dinner last night.   

6.18.17 011

I made a chick pea salad that reminded me of a salad I had for lunch last Friday.  I am going to post that recipe tomorrow, because it’s delicious.  I tried a new naan bread recipe yesterday.  I had a recipe on here, but there are some recipe plugins I used in the past, but then for some reason, the recipe just goes away when the plugin goes away.  These were tasty, but didn’t get fluffy like they normally do.

6.18.17 035

The storm on Saturday night took down yet another tree in my backyard.  Luckily it didn’t hit anything since it was in the back of the woods.   There is so much dead wood in the back of my property, but I imagine it would cost thousands to get it cleaned out.  Although every time we go to the back of the property, Hannah remarks at how big it is, and I can see her planning to build a cottage for her and Jacob back there. 

6.18.17 025

6.18.17 029

I am sad to say I had both wine and extra snacks this weekend.  I was really missing Tony yesterday – it would have been the perfect day to sit outside and listen to Frank Sinatra and watch him smoke his cigar and me taking a million pictures of him like I did.  I am so happy I have so many pictures of him.  It was the third Father’s Day without him and 19 years since my Dad died.  

But, today is a new day.  The snacks and wine are gone, I’ve got healthy meals planned, including this recipe – I am using some of the grilled chicken from last night to make this Grilled Chicken with Strawberry Chili Salsa – the salsa is made with strawberries, pineapple, and jalapenos and sounds so refreshing!

Happy Monday – how was your weekend??  Make it a great day!