1. Good morning!   If you signed on this morning and saw this, sorry!


I embedded the photos first, wrote the post in between, and I have no idea what happened, but it didn’t save it.

So let’s try it again!

Thank you for everyone who commented, texted me or sent a message via Facebook telling me that my 56 point day was not a big deal.  Because in the whole grand scheme of things, it isn’t.  But for some reason, over indulging, something I haven’t done in a long time, suddenly made a shift in my brain – the whole good vs. bad with eating and I need to remind myself that life happens – I mean your daughter only turns 25 once!  We had a great time, and it’s time to keep moving in the right direction.

I know I’ll have a gain this week, and it is what it is.  That is life!

I am still loving these steel cut oats – I wish I would have made them with cashew milk sooner because they are so creamy.   3/4 cup oats (3), kashi cinnamon squares (2) fruit and a drizzle of sugar free pancake syrup (1).

I finally broke away from work at 1:30 and walked to Mariano’s to accessorize my lunch.  I brought rotisserie chicken to make chicken tacos.  For $1.80 I bought pepperoncini, pom seeds, red cabbage and red peppers.  This whole plate is only 5 smart points!

I had leftover beef that I needed to use up.  This plate was delicious – I have to remember about canned potatoes – I was surprised that when I put this picture on Instagram that some people had never used canned potatoes before?!  They are fully cooked, so only take minutes, perfect for a weeknight dinner.  I made a quick hash of canned potatoes (3) with zucchini, mushrooms and 1 tablespoon of giardiniera (1).  So spicy and delish!  With two baby bunless burgers – 3 ounces beef (4) with 1/2 ounce of pepper jack cheese (2).



I’ve talked about Steve Weatherford before – I  follow his Instagram, he’s a former football player, father of 4 kids and he’s just really up beat and positive and literally makes the most of every minute of his day.  

This was yesterday’s motivation and it was exactly what I needed to read – “Fall in Love with the Process . . . Not Just the Prize.”   Love this.  I actually printed this out for my journal for a reminder. 

Shelley, can you believe it was a year ago yesterday that we met for lunch?  So crazy!  Those burgers were amazing and I loved that we got along the instant we met – it was like meeting an old friend that I hadn’t met in a long time.  So happy we are friends! And because she loves snapchat photos so much (ha!) here’s one for International Women’s Day:

Off to weigh in!  Wish me luck! šŸ˜€