I am somehow managing to put stuff together to eat with what we have on hand.  Once I get past Wednesday without having to make a trip to the grocery store for a full grocery shop, it becomes a game to see how long I can actually go.  I just worry about myself, not the kadults.  They can fend for themselves if they don’t want to eat what I put together.  😀

I bought a dozen apples on the $1 rack (which by the way, I am going to have to call the $1.50 rack because they upped the prices!) so I have no idea what kind of apple this is.  I love the sweet/tart flavor, but it’s a bit pithy.  Not sure because it’s on the verge of being rotten, or if that’s just what type of apple it is.  BUT, I would take a bit of apple, a bit of cheese and wrap it in the ham and spinach for the ultimate sweet/tart bite.  Love picky plates.

11.30.16 105

My boss wasn’t going to be in the office until mid-afternoon and my blood sugar was only 82 when it was lunch time.  I made a quick call to my sister to see if she wanted to meet for lunch and we were good to go.  We walked until we met each other half way, then decided to go to Revival Food Hall.  So many choices!   We decided on Smoque BBQ.  While my sister doesn’t cook a lot of beef or pork because of her family (well, and her!) being picky, we decided to split the chopped brisket on top of a slice of white bread, the jalapeno smoked sausage, pickles, pickled jalapenos, a side of their BBQ beans and two diet cokes.

11.30.16 109

11.30.16 112

11.30.16 113

The person behind the counter asked if we wanted to pick out our four complimentary BBQ sauces, or let him pick them.  We let him pick them, and I have to say, I loved each one for different reasons.  That Luling Sauce on the bottom right was a mustard based BBQ sauce – swoon.  But I have to say my favorite was the Carolina sauce – thin and vinegary – you know, just like me!  (ha!)

11.30.16 115

Both meats were delicious.  The brisket was tender, juicy and had the burnt ends which I love.  The jalapeno sausage actually wasn’t too spicy, but mixed with that mustard BBQ sauce, winning!  We split the tray (she paid – thanks Jenn) and I figured out the points on my app on the walk back to my office.  15 points for half.  And while that may seem like a lot, back in the day we each would have gotten one of those trays, so that’s a step in the right direction.  And life is too short not to have BBQ brisket, am I right?!

I actually thought I might not even be hungry for dinner, but who am I kidding?!  We ate a bit later, and I fixed the grilled chicken salads I had planned the night before last before the train delay.  Jacob isn’t a fan of taco seasoning, so we all decided that lemon pepper on the chicken would be delicious, and that was a good choice.  I have had this recipe pinned for the spicy cilantro lime dressing alone.   The only thing I did was reduce the mayo to 2 tablespoons and it came out to 2 smart points per 2 tablespoons.

11.30.16 124

11.30.16 131

Awful food photography, but this was straight up delish.  And I had 9 smart points left for dinner and this came in at exactly 9 points.  I think Hannah could eat beef if I drizzled this cilantro dressing over the top!

I cannot believe it’s December 1.  It’s the first time in the longest time that I can remember that we haven’t had a lick of snow before December.  Now I probably jinxed myself and we’ll have a blizzard next week.

I still don’t have access to the new gym yet, it’s in the hands of the office of the building, and I may have to be a squeaky wheel about that – while I don’t mind walking when it’s in the 40’s, walking around in the 30s with the wind chill off the lake isn’t that fun.

Alright, let’s do this – make it a great day!