While I was on the train ride to work, I was looking at my WW app and realized I never entered my food for dinner Saturday night OR this chocolate pie!   So while I thought I was -82 points for the week, I stand corrected – I am at -112!  #gobigorgohome šŸ˜€

3.20.17 001

Tony used to buy me this pie every birthday.  It’s a sugar free French silk pie from a local 24 hour diner near out house.  And while it may be sugar free, it is not calorie free, but it’s amazingly delicious, and I love that she remembered that Tony used to get this for me. 

3.20.17 006

Breakfast was a simple egg white and salsa breakfast wrap.  I just added 1/2 a coffee cup worth of liquid egg whites with 2 tablespoons of jarred salsa and nuked that at work for a minute and thirty seconds.  I added 1/2 ounce of cheese and chopped romaine and fruit on the side – breakfast was 5 points.

3.20.17 011

Right before I left the house and was finishing packing my lunch, I dropped a whole 32 ounce package of strawberries on the floor.  Gah.  For half a second I thought to just leave them and text Hannah to see if she minded cleaning up my mess, but quickly got it cleaned up and was still able to get out of the house on time.  

Sadly, the leftover pork that I had planned for my lunch time wrap never made it into my lunch bag.  Sure enough I texted Hannah and she said “you mean this bag of meat on the kitchen counter?”  Um, that would be yes.  Luckily she was able to put it in the fridge for me. 

But now I needed something to put in my wrap.  There is a diner called Venice Cafe a block from my office that another co-worker was talking about how they have a managers special every day of grilled chicken with sauteed vegetables.  When I looked up their menu, I saw that as a “side” I could get a grilled chicken breast for $3.95.  Nice!

When I got there I saw their specials board, and for a second thought “well, I am already over -112 points for the month, maybe I should try that panini or meatball calzone?!”

3.20.17 015

3.20.17 016

When I ordered my grilled chicken he asked if I wanted it sliced, yes please!  Then asked if I wanted complimentary marinara sauce.  Um, double yes please!  The chicken was delicious and moist and I could have done shots of that marinara sauce.  Good to know there is a place like that near my office. 

3.20.17 018

I had the other 1/2 ounce of Swiss cheese from my breakfast so I made kind of a mock chicken parmesan wrap and it was delicious.  I counted the chicken at 5 points, the cheese 2 and the wrap 1 point for an 8 point lunch.

I am having a “situation” with my neighbor.  A week and a half ago it was super windy and my neighbor said that one of my branches fell on his house . . . causing $6000 worth of damage.   His wife suggested that I have some trees cut off my property that were dead – well, if I did that, I would spend $10,000 in tree removal, which just isn’t in the budget.  I kindly thanked her for her suggestion, and did not cut down any trees.  They are now accusing me of being negligent by not cutting down the trees – my neighbor even said that the contractor told him “if this limb went through your window (which was 10 feet from where it landed) and any one of his family was sitting on the family room couch, they most likely would have been killed.”  A bit dramatic if you ask me, but in any event, I was talking to my insurance company as I was walking into the train station and got on the wrong train.

Luckily, it was the right train line, just the 5:33 train vs. the 5:20 train I normally take, which has way more stops so I didn’t get home until 7:00.  

When I walked into the house, Hannah was reheated leftover food from our dinner on Saturday night, and I reheated the bland pizza I ordered.  I brushed it with a bit of olive oil and some sea salt and reheated it on my baking steel so the crust turned out amazing, and that little pop of salt made all the difference.

I cut 2 ounces of pizza (6) and made pizza “croutons” to go over my salad.  Delish!

3.20.17 026

I have to say though, that after my “hands in the air, don’t care” eating over my birthday weekend, my old habits want to come back – i.e, the night time snacking, the wine.  I almost contemplated going out and getting a bottle of wine!

But I know if I don’t reign it in right now, it’s a slippery slope and I can go right back to eating whatever I want and drinking whatever I want, and we all know that isn’t going to get me where I want to be. 

I still plan on weighing in on Thursday, because that’s what my sister and I agreed to do at the beginning at the year.  

I have one last birthday lunch with a co-worker today, but plan on eating reasonably.  I have a 4 point breakfast full of fruit which will help balance out my lunch, and I have chicken fajitas on the menu for dinner tonight, so it’s all good.

Here’s some morning motivation for you – make it a great day!