If my blog were a child, it would be entering the third grade.   I probably say this every year, but I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would still be blogging 8 years after I started.  For the first 8 months I had my blog, if I got 50 page views in a day I thought I was hot shit.  But you know who my biggest fan was of my blog?  Tony.  I know many of you have blogs and your husbands never read it, but he read every single post, would tell me if I misspelled something or if my grammar was wrong.  He would text me notes at work and say “that picture you took of your soup turned out great!”

Speaking of photography, while this blog has grown, long time readers I appreciate you sticking with me when my food photography looked like this:

PicMonkey Collage - before

I would be shocked if anyone even attempted any of my recipes from 2008-2009!  And why did I think I had to get right up in the food?!  In December 2010 I got the biggest Christmas present – a Nikon D3100.  And I knew the only way we were able to afford it was because we had set aside $1200 for a car repair, only to get a second opinion on it and it was determined it was only a $100 repair, and everyone pitched in to get it for me.  I just watched the video of me getting it, and I cried all over again, even though it was nearly six years ago!   I also miss hearing Tony’s voice. 

It’s still the camera I use today when I am at home.  The only thing I did was buy an auto focus 35 mm lens for about $150 a couple years ago.   Thankfully, not only is my food photography better, I actually have people tag me on Instagram or send me emails telling me that they made a particular recipe – love!

PicMonkey Collage - after

This blog has let me vent when I needed to.  Was my lifeline when Tony was sick and I didn’t have a social life – you guys WERE and still are my social life for the most part.   And I am thrilled that I have met several of you in real life, some several times (hi Mel – hi Kris! – hi Mara! hi Christina!), but it’s like meeting an old high school friend that you haven’t seen since you graduated.  Because we formed such a personal bond via the computer, meeting in real life was no big deal.

PicMonkey Collage - blogger


So much has changed and stayed the same.  I still love blogging just as much as I did when I started.  I no longer care how many readers I have or even if the blog grows, because it doesn’t really matter in the whole grand scheme of things.  I view it as a personal visual journal, that I will be happy to share with my future grandchildren at some point.  I am sure I’ve written this before, but my grandma had a journal.  I was thrilled when I found it after she died, only to read entries like this:

“It was chilly tonight.  Baked a chicken.  Played Bridge.”

My future grandchildren will know basically what I’ve eaten every day for 2,920 days and counting!  And they may discover that I like to use the word amazeballs and I may swear like a truck driverfrom time to time.

So in honor of my blogaversary (is that even a word?!) and because it’s tomato season, I am going to give away TWELVE 16 ounce jars of my homemade pasta sauce/baja fresh salsa/lasagna soup combination (four of each)   Unfortunately this will be for U.S. readers only.  Kelly from Canada won my BBQ sauce and seasoning back in August, and I have a feeling it got stuck in customs because of the glass jars Sad smile

Just leave a comment on how long you’ve been reading, even if it’s been one week or five years! 

And thank you to everyone who takes a little time from their day to check up on me and  my little corner of the World Wide Web.  I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

My Momma is coming over today for a BBQ.  Making grilled pork roast, corn on the cob, garlic green beans and grilled rosemary new potatoes.  Yum!  Make it a great day!