I love biscuits.  Scratch that.  I love bread.  Like all kinds of bread.  But my biscuits call for 6 tablespoons of butter and I usually splurge on those when I make them for family vacations nearly every morning.

Not too long ago I found Ed on Instagram – a WW dad whose lost like 60 pounds.  He’s dwardcooks on Instagram – and I’ll link to his biscuit recipe here.  He’s got some really great recipes that are worth checking out – his chicken parmesan pasta bake is on the top of my list.


These biscuits are 3 points each, and were the base of my breakfast yesterday – I made a scramble of eggs, zucchini and mushrooms, then topped each with cheese – 6 points for the whole plate.  Bonnie – I am on my next to last Florida orange – I’ll be so sad when they are gone!

My sister was home sick yesterday, but with temps in the mid 40s I wasn’t going to let a lunch time walk get by.  Gorgeous day!  

It was brisk and a great break in the day.

I have a coffee nook by my desk that basically becomes my work kitchen.  No one else uses it, so it’s basically mine. ๐Ÿ˜€  My sister brought me two packages of Tumaro Wraps and I love them!  I’ve been looking forever by me and hadn’t found them, and didn’t want to spend the money to buy them online if they tasted like ass.  For the record, these do not taste like ass.  They are pliable, and I can’t wait to pan fry them a bit to get some color on them – I am also going to try to use them in a panini.

I used some of my leftover Greek chicken to make a BBQ chicken wrap – I know it doesn’t sound good, but it’s delish.  The greek seasoning just makes super flavorful chicken and a base for any dish.

Remember to undercook your meat if you are using it for meal planning – if you cook it perfect the first time you’ll have dry chicken the next time you try to reheat it.  I cooked it about 75% through (still pink in the middle) and it only took 60 seconds to reheat to work to complete the cooking.  So juicy!

I love these wraps – my lunch was 6 points – 4 for the wrap (1 for the wrap, 1 for the BBQ sauce, 2 for the cheese) and 2 points for the pretzels.  The apple was zero ๐Ÿ˜€

Later in the afternoon my blood sugar was dropping and I reached for my granola and measured out 1/2 a cup – I ate it all, only to realize it was EIGHT points (although only 230 calories) dangit!  But I’m alive, so there’s that.

So I only had 8 points left to still have a blue dot day on the WW plan – 28 points or less and you are eating within the healthy range.”

In the spirit of my “waste less” mantra, I made these taco wonton bites with steak I defrosted from the freezer, black beans, napa cabbage and pickled jalapeno – delish!  I used some of my leftover wonton wrappers to make the cups – bake in a muffin tin at 350 for 7-8 minutes – be careful because they can go from being done to burnt in about a minute.  Not that I know that personally, I just read that on the internet.

It was 3 points for the wonton skins, 2 points for the filling and 3 points for the cheese, and I ended my day with exactly 28 points, even after my granola incident.  These wonton cups are a great way to use up any leftover protein and veggies you have.

It’s Wednesday and I still have 27 points weekly points left, which I already know I’ll use at Cooking Club tomorrow night – our first one of 2019!

I am also proud to say that #wwdryjanuary is still going strong. Although I’ve had several other WW members DM me and ask “do you think one glass of wine would be okay?!” NO! Kidding. You do you. All I know is that it is a nice reset to the year, to be tracking everything because I know that when I follow the WW program as written it works. You can’t “cheat the system.” I’m getting to goal this year. Oh, and I’ll be meeting Oprah too.

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!