My Mom is back from her trip and as I talked with her this morning she said “you didn’t blog yesterday.”  Oops!  I started it, then because I was home from work because of the cold, never got back to it.  

As luck would have it, my office is closed for a second day due to public transportation issues – and well, it’s still cold.  Negative 26 degrees (air temp – felt like -44 with the windchill) and will “warm” up to 0 degrees by this afternoon.  Sunday we should have temps in the 40’s – how crazy to have a 60+ change of temperature in just a few days!

So what was I to do with all that free time?  Well, I was bizzy in my kitchen – duh.  I am sorry if you follow me on Instagram – there were lots of stories, but the best part about that is, you can watch it, or not.  But there was a lot of cooking involved!

I had to check back on the blog to see how long I’ve had this – I said a few years, but I knew my husband was alive when I had it – 2010!!  I made this artichoke ravioli.

That, my friends, is skinny pizza dough ravioli!  I made spinach and ricotta – I am close to greatness on this and will do another batch today before officially posting tomorrow.  When I showed this on Instagram, a few dozen people said “oh Biz – fried ravioli would be amazing!”  And since I have a deep fryer, within minutes I also had fried ravioli.

The filling needs more seasoning, and I am going to add an egg yolk or two to my pizza dough to mimic more of a pasta dough – stay tuned!

But for the record, these didn’t suck.

I also got to spend some much needed time on my blog organizing my recipes – I made a new link on the side – click on the link below the orange “All My Recipes” and it will take you to thumbnails to all my recipes.  Hopefully this will help people navigate my website a bit better.   I wish I had my brothers computer skillz. šŸ˜€

Now if you’ll excuse me – I have the house to myself today (well, the dogs are here!) so it’s time to jam some Post Malone and get Bizzy in My Kitchen.  

Make it a great day – and don’t eat like an asshole.

Love, Biz