Monday night I had my make up yoga class.  I kept checking my email because all day long it looked like I was the only one that signed up.  I didn’t like that.  If I go to a group fitness class, I am the one with my mat to the way back of the room.  Like always.  What was I going to do if I was the only one in the class?  There was no where to hide.  I contemplated not showing up, but considering I missed the Saturday class, I didn’t want them to see my name on the sign up sheet and think “she’s such an asshole for not showing up for classes she signs up for!”

I walked in, and the instructor said “are you Biz?”  Yep!  I asked if I was still the only one, and she said she was.  I said off handedly, “if you have to cancel the class because it’s just me, I completely understand.”  She replied “nonsense!  I love having just one student because I can really concentrate on them.”  Fudge crackers.

She asked me my level.  EXTREME BEGINNER.  Yes, I am shouting that, because I wanted to make sure she knew I really had no idea what I was doing.  I think I know three yoga poses by name.  But off we went.  Doing the opening stretches, and that’s when she asked me if I liked to “challenge myself.”  Well, yes, my inner former athlete started to emerge, as well as my competitiveness, and we ended up doing about 30 minutes of complete core work within the 75 minute class.  Some poses I was shaking like a leaf, other poses I was thinking “wow, I am getting stronger!”

The end result?  I LOVED IT.  She was able to push and stretch me into the right positions – what I thought was straight, really wasn’t, and once she moved me into the right position it was like a light bulb went on over my head.  The class zoomed by.  We talked during quiet stretch times, and I think it was a blessing in disguise that I missed that Saturday class.  But what it also taught me was what the fudge am I so afraid of?  I think it’s just my natural instinct to run towards my comfort zone, not away from it.  But I also consider myself an adventurous person, so it’s an interesting dichotomy I find myself in, and I am hoping going forward that I let down the walls of my comfort zone to see what else is on the other side.

1.26.16 023

I already know what one of the first things that’s on the outside of my comfort zone – aerial yoga!  I just noticed the aerial equipment Monday night.  That’s definitely going on my list of things to try.  Have you ever tried it before?!  And yes, I am still sporting the Christmas nail polish.  I figure I can let it go until the end of the month Open-mouthed smile

1.26.16 024


I bought unsweetened coconut when I was making granola for family at Christmas time.  Um, okay – shredded coconut and unsweetened coconut are two very different animals.  I had no idea how much sugar was actually in shredded coconut.  It’s been sitting in my pantry for the longest time, and I stumbled across Minimalist Baker’s Toasted Coconut Pancakes, and knew I was going to use the unsweetened coconut for this recipe.   Not sure if you’ve been to Dana’s blog, but she and her husband John are mostly vegetarian.  Dana is lactose intolerant and bakes mostly dairy and egg free.  I did switch up her recipe a bit – I used regular flour, and used a regular egg for the flax egg.    So if you want her vegan version, please see the red link above.

1.26.16 036

1.26.16 040

I smeared a teaspoon of crunchy almond butter in between the pancakes, topped with a tablespoon of pom seeds and some chopped ham on the side for some protein.  Holy yum, these are delicious!  And these were super filling too – I ate these around 8:45 in the morning and I didn’t eat lunch until nearly 2!


I’ve been getting lots of steps in and even ventured out Monday and yesterday to walk during lunch.  Monday I was almost too warm it was near 40 degrees and no wind.  I darkened that top left hand picture to send it to my brother and sister to show them how much grey hair I have.  So not ready to die it yet though!  Yesterday I got nearly 20k steps!  It wasn’t that hard either.  I walked 20 minutes before work, 40 minutes at lunch and after work I did 30 minutes of strength and finished off with a 2 mile walk.  When you break it up like that, it doesn’t seem so bad. 

PicMonkey Collage - fit bit

That lower right hand pic?  Holy balls – it was so cold!  I looked at my weather app and it said 28 degrees – no problem!  But it was super windy and I didn’t bring my hat to work.  So I used an extra jacket that I had in the car and wrapped it around my head and ears.  My North Face jacket is so warm, not sure how I survived a Chicago winter without one before.  When I got back to my desk, it said the wind chill was 16 degrees – no wonder it felt so cold!

And with all these steps, I have a new badge – I’ve reached the Monarch Badge – since Tony got me my first Fitbit in March of 2014 (my last gift from him!) I’ve walked 2500 miles!

1.26.16 020

It helps that my Fitbit friends ask me to join challenges on the Fitbit app – if I see someone gaining on me I have to get moving!  Thanks Laura for inviting me to this weeks Workday Week Shuffle!


Fran, I wanted to show you my screen saver at work – I think I use your photographs more than any other for my work screensaver.  Love this one!

1.26.16 010


And because you all know I have a sick sense of humor, I loved this on Instagram:

1.26.16 005


I won’t be anywhere near 20k steps today – I realize that I have to give my body a break in between days like yesterday.  But guess what?  I still watched two hours of t.v. last night!  I finished watching Biggest Loser and I have to watch American Idol – I’ve watched every season since the beginning!  I stopped watching Hell’s Kitchen – it’s the same show with just different people.  If I hear Gordon Ramsey yell “it’s RAW!” one more time, I’ll poke my eyes out.

But, I am watching Master Chef Junior!  One of my high school field hockey friends daughter Addison made it into the Season Finale which airs on Friday night this week.  That would be so exciting if she won!


Make it a great day!