Potato Breakfast Muffins!  Or Potato Bites. . . or Poffins?!  Whatever you call these, they are delicious.  Fellow Weight Watchers (or anyone who likes good food) should check out this blog – Daily Does of Pepper.  I got the original idea for these from her loaded baked potato bites, but as I was putting the recipe together, I realized I wanted more a muffin, so at the last minute I added some flour to the wet ingredients, and well, these were born.  Happy accident!

Have you guys ever shredded a baked potato on a box grater before?  Just take the whole thing and start shredding and by the end you’ll only have the skins left.  My potatoes were still a bit hot, so feel free to use a baked potato that is cooled before doing this. šŸ˜€

Hannah was my videographer over the weekend, I never know what graphics she will put on there.  Because my potatoes were still a bit warm, the shreds turned into mashed potatoes, but I didn’t hate that.

Here’s how they looked before going in the oven – so pretty.  I love when you can bake one dish and have breakfast for a week!

These turned out amazing, but I didn’t get the crunchy bites that Star got in her recipe, but I just heated up a teaspoon of grapeseed oil and pan fried the bottoms and they got crunchy and delicious.  After I tried one that I pan fried, it tasted straight up like a potato biscuit.  Best part?  Each one is only 2 points no matter how many you eat – two points each!  Sorry, I had to repeat that.  #sorrynotsorry



I had two poffins with two hard boiled eggs and a banana for breakfast yesterday and it was really filling.  One of the secretaries from my office is retiring and wanted a luncheon that was small and meaningful, not just people showing up for a free piece of cake and free food.  It was lovely.  I decided to eat what was provided, and ate 1/2 a turkey sandwich, baked chips and a homemade lemon cookie for 12 points.  Oh, that is a new recipe I came up with – that broccoli slaw – I am going to tweak it a bit but I brought a whole bowl full and it was all gone, so people must have liked it.

Or as Tony used to tell me, office people will eat any food that is free whether it’s good or not!  I’ve seen people eat munchkins that have been out over the weekend and were rock hard, so there’s that. 

I was busy in my kitchen last night – since making the poffins, and talking about potato biscuits, I had a jones for a fluffy biscuit.  First batch was good for the first two bites, then the baking soda was over powering and the coconut cream I used for the fat expired last October, but the second batch was delish!  I’ll be posting that recipe tomorrow.

Dinner was so quick and easy – I defrosted some shrimp before I started working on the biscuits, and my leftovers from lunch with my Mom on Sunday turned into this quick 8 point shrimp and green bean stirfry.  Yum.

These biscuits are legit and delicious = #legitness  I will post these Legitness Biscuits tomorrow – you’ll want to make these!  If you can’t wait, I posted the recipe on my Instastory and you can do a screen shot.

Guess whose having a breakfast biscuit this morning?!  #me

Make it a great day!