9.16 157

The only good thing about going to the hospital is getting the prized yellow envelope that says you can go home.  Hannah and I learned one at least one thing during this time – um, we maybe need to find her a primary care physician that isn’t her pediatrician!   They sent her home with antibiotics, an inhaler, cough medicine.  When she and Jacob came home from the pharmacy, it was a life lesson that even with insurance, shit is expensive – all her meds cost $101!  The beauty about that though is that I have access to her account and already transferred the money to her, which she told me not to, but it’s a mother’s prerogative, right?

After spending an hour with her before work, I hit up the cafeteria to accessorize my breakfast.  I got a slice of whole grain toast, scrambled eggs and bacon.  At work I already had spinach, cheese and fresh fruit, so I had another breakfast panini.  Seems once I get started on the panini kick, it’s hard to get off of it, but they are just so good.  Weird thing though?  I haven’t been in the hospital since last November, yet I still got the employee discount!

9.16 151

I am flying by the seat of my pants this week when it comes to food.  When I tried to meal plan last weekend I was still hacking up a lung and nothing really sounded good to me at all.  And I had Hannah on my mind and just left without bringing any food with me.  Luckily we had leftover pizza from a work lunch, and I topped three squares with some baby spinach dressing in a bit of Annie’s goddess dressing.

9.16 156

I still had my grocery list and menu in my purse and around 3:00 I looked at it to see what I had planned for dinner and realized I never defrosted the chicken I had planned.  I did have ground beef that needed to be used up so I ended up making Jacob and I BBQ mushroom burgers.  OMG, so good.  I am loving mushrooms and it was perfect on this burger with the spicy BBQ sauce.  I found a small bag of potato “coins” in the freezer that was that.  I did pick up Hannah some sushi and pot stickers to welcome her home – didn’t think she’s appreciate a big old burger as her first meal after eating hospital food!

9.16 162

I am still coughing, albeit not as often.  Our mornings have been gorgeous with temps in the low 60s – perfect for walking.  I am proud to say though that I got in just under 6k steps yesterday – the most I’ve had in nearly a week and a half!

Alright, off to try to put some healthier food together for today – thanks for all your well wishes for Hannah – we appreciate it!  Make it a great day!