Our work party was a lot of fun!  And for the third year in a row I won funniest costume!  Now my costume was not elaborate, but it totally fit me – I went as Julia Child!  Bon Appetit!  I was going to do a cooking demonstration, but everyone was hungry and started eating.


I made mummy hot dogs (no picture – they went fast!) and mummy cupcakes.  I don’t have piping tips or pastry bag, so this is done putting the frosting into a ziploc bag – they may look like crap, but they tasted good!


There was so much food!  I did pretty well – I didn’t take a picture of my plate, but I had 1/2 Italian beef sandwich, 1/2 cup mac n cheese, fruit salad and this delicious green salad that had strawberries and nuts.


And I have to show this picture for Mara!  My friend W’s baby M!  He looks like a doll in this picture!


I called Tony and asked him what he wanted for dinner.  Any regular readers will know that I make pizza just about every Friday night.  Tony gets sick of pizza though, but to my surprise he said “I could go for pizza!”  I made his side a meat lovers – meatballs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms.  My side was broccoli, yellow pepper, red pepper, sausage, shrimp, banana peppers, goat cheese and mozzarella cheese.  While making the pizza dough, I enjoyed this beverage:


I don’t normally like drinks like this, but I got it in the .99 bin – it was just slightly sweet and I loved it!  Perfect drink for a cold October night! 😀

The toppings ready to go:






I loved the addition of goat cheese for a nice sour kick mixed with the spicy banana pepper – YUM!

So excited!  Tony and I are going downtown tonight!!!  It’s so funny – we are only about 55 miles NW of Chicago, yet we hardly ever go downtown anymore.  That’s about the only thing I miss about downtown is going to restaurants for lunch like Topolopampo for the best Mexican food, Heaven on Seven for their amazing jalapeno cornbread and bazillion hot sauces!, Wolfgang Puck bistro (not sure if it’s still there!) for their wood burning oven pizzas. 

One of our favorite restaurants in the city is Smith & Wollensky.  We usually would eat in the more casual lower level, but have amazing steaks – and it was years ago at this restaurant where I found out I like asparagus – it was still a touch crunchy – until then I had only had soggy asparagus!  But Chef Hans no longer works there, so we are following him to Trader Vic’s for dinner tonight!  Trader Vic’s has been a Chicago icon, located in the Palmer House Hilton Hotel.  But now its about 1.5 miles away from the hotel on State Street.  Check out the menu – what would you get?

You’ll have to come back tomorrow for our Chicago recap!  Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween!  When I lived in Oak Park I used to have 300+ trick or treaters – it was such a disappointment the first year we were in our house and I only had six trick or treaters!  But I bought for 300+!  The last girl to come to the door had a pillowcase, and I told her to open it up, and I probably dumped about 5 bags of candy into her sack!  She went down our stairs and said “that lady just gave me all her candy!”