The last couple days at work have literally been non-stop.  Which I love when its fast paced, but when you barely have time to stop and eat, that’s never good.

We finally celebrated Boss’ Day yesterday.  We all brought in treats – I brought in chocolate coated granola bars (dairy free because I used semi-sweet chocolate to dip them in) and banana muffins with no nuts – we have a couple food allergies in our office.

Another secretary brought in Dunkin Donuts, and another secretary brought cheeses and fresh fruit.  My plate:

granola 001

The granola bars are from The Pioneer Woman.  I tape her show, but is it just me or does she have zero personality on t.v.?  She writes with way more personality.

They got mixed reviews.  Somehow they were a tad salty, but either people loved them, or hated them.  Tony and I actually liked them better without the chocolate.  And next time I am going to add nuts and dried cranberries. Open-mouthed smile

I made a chili lunch yesterday, and don’t have a single picture to show for it.  I will make this chili again this weekend and post the recipe next week.  It’s made with beef and steak and it made a lot – filled my big crock pot to the top, and there was literally 3/4 of a cup left – almost everyone had seconds, and one had thirds!  I also made jalapeno corn muffins on the side.

So as the day is getting longer, I realize soon that I am going to have to work late.  On a Friday night.  But then I was thinking “maybe we can finish soon?”  And just as that entered my head, one attorney came over to me and said “Why don’t you go ahead and order dinner . . .”


So at 7:00 I had that slice of pizza, and heated up another one when I got home from work at 10:00 p.m.  I missed hanging out with Tony last night!

So I am moving a bit slow today – we are just about to run some errands.  Guess where I will be this afternoon?  On our roof!  Yep, hopefully one more repair and it will be fixed.  But I hope to have time to read this!

granola 008

Then tomorrow I am going to see my Mom’s choir perform.  She sings for a group called Sing to Live, which was “created to provide a musical outlet and supportive community that celebrates hope and survival for singers whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.”  The concert is in Glenview (IL) and we will be going out to dinner after the show.

Check out Veronica’s site!  She’s have a virtual bake sale to help raise money for fellow blogger Suzie, who lost her job and was hospitalized in the same week.  Suzie is famous for her lasagna soup that I am addicted to!

The bake sale is going to be on November 2.  Minimum bids of $15.  I am offering up four jars of my baja fresh salsa!  (or cherry salsa if I can still find cherries).

cherry salsa

Hopefully enough money will be raised to help her with her medical bills.

Enjoy your weekend – what are you up to?  See you Monday before my surgery – eek! Sad smile