I am really loving this carb cycle program.  First of all, one thing I’ve realized is that I only pack exactly what I am eating that day.  Remember the days of throwing shit in a bag and winging it at work?  Well, let’s say I threw a package of cheese in there for part of my lunch.  Not gonna lie there were times when I was sitting at my desk thinking “I have cheese in the fridge!” and helping myself to a slice (or two). 

Meal #1:

8.11.15 007

I had overnight oats on the menu, but when I was sick the night before last, that didn’t happen.  And I woke up hungry obviously because I only had a piece of toast for dinner the night before.  I haven’t bought Ezekiel brand products in a long time and I had forgotten how good their sprouted English muffins were.  I topped mine with scrambled spinach egg whites and then topped with 3 oz. of leftover New York strip.  No cheese – can you believe it?!

Over the weekend I made Martha Stewart’s low fat granola.  I’ve never made granola with molasses before, but I actually love this granola because it’s not overly sweet.  I bought six red pears off the $1 rack and adding that to my yogurt parfait was the perfect amount of sweetness for me.  And yes, the extra 15 calories of whip cream was worth it.

8.11.15 011

My shredded exercise at lunch was on the treadmill.  I did 3 minutes at 3.8 mph, 2 minutes and 4.5 mph and 1 minute at 5.2 mph then repeated for 30 minutes.

8.11.15 015

My store sells super thin pork chops that are so quick and easy – I literally cooked them over high heat at home for a minute a side, then heated them up for just 30 seconds at work.  While this meal looks very bland, I tossed the potatoes and green beans in sriracha to kick it up a notch, and had the other half of the pear I had with my parfait.

8.11.15 020

And while I wasn’t hungry, I still had to eat Meal #4 – everything hummus with veggies.  OMG, this hummus is so good!  It’s Tribe brand and delicious

8.11.15 023

Both Hannah and Jacob were working until 8:00 so we had a late dinner.  I started getting bizzy in my kitchen making today’s breakfast – tater tot breakfast muffins, did a load of laundry, and then prepped for dinner.  I used this recipe for dinner – it was perfect because it marinated for about an hour on the counter before I lit the grill.   Beef of choice?  I ribeye or “lomo de res.”  Huh.

8.11.15 029

8.11.15 036

Um, can you tell which kabob is Hannah’s?!  I love, love, love these metal skewers from Williams-Sonoma.  I bought them with a gift card but they are so worth the price.  Easy to thread the food, no need soak anything and the food comes right off when you are done cooking.  Oh, and look at how pretty my toes still look!

As I was sitting outside, I looked over at my trusty Weber and I think this weekend I’ll need to pick up a new grill now that they are starting to go on sale.

8.11.15 049

My dinner:  3 ounces of the beef, 5 ounces of the potato and zucchini and mushrooms.

8.11.15 058

All that food yesterday?  Came in at 1534 calories, 61 fat, 175 carbs, 32 fiber and 81 protein.  I am never starving.  I never think of the next meal when I finish the one I’ve just eaten.  I think I may have found something that works for me!  We’ll see what the scale says on Saturday – you’ll just have to follow me on Instagram to find out since I don’t blog over the weekend!  (mybizzykitchen).

I had a whole recap of my day of learning about beef at Safeway, Tony’s Specialty Meat Market and Costco, only to realize that I left my flash drive with all my pictures on it at work – so that will be tomorrow – we’ll learn so much about beef it won’t even be funny!

And for those wondering about the saga of my living room renovation and contractor, I am proud to say that I have hired a contractor that I am very confident with.  Even though I was a bit apprehensive having been burned once before, I had a dream the night before last that Tony and the contractor were having a conversation, and while I couldn’t hear what they were saying, the contractor was pointing out different things about the work to be done, and at the end, Tony shook his hand, so I took that as a good sign.

There is a lot of work to be done – the whole front wall of my home is completely rotted through and has to be completely replace with new windows, rafters, headers, insulation, drywall, etc.  Also, my house was built in 1922 and we believe that part of our living room was probably a porch at one time.  The contractor noticed that there are no headers in the basement to support the structure so the only thing holding up the front part of my house are my giant glass block window!  Good news?  My foundation is awesome sauce – no problems there.  They will start work on Friday and it will take just over a week.  To the tune of about $10,000.  Yep, turns out my electrical is in my floor (standard practice in the 70’s and 80’s?!) so that’s going to be brought up to code too.  The contractor built a wall half way through my living room so that the rest of the house is protected while they work on the front of the house.

8.11.15 002

So my advice to you married couples out there – get life insurance.  We got life insurance for Tony before he first got sick in 2005, but the $79 monthly premium was worth it all these years.  If I didn’t have the life insurance I am not sure how I could have paid for this renovation.  You just never know.

Alright off to do my endurance shapers:  sit ups for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds – repeat 6 rounds – then do the same for pushups and squats.  I’ve got this!  Make it a great day!