Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterdays post.  I mainly wrote that for my future self.  A year from now I didn’t want to look back at my blog posts and think “is all she thought about was fucking food?!”  I have to just write that stuff to just get it off my chest so to speak, so thank you for listening.

I didn’t watch any of the Superbowl, just because it would be too painful to hear the noise of the game and not hear Tony yelling at the t.v.  That didn’t mean I didn’t participate in Superbowl squares though!  So on Monday morning I got to work, looked up the scores of the quarters and realized I’d won both the second and third quarter and won $40!   So I brought bagels for the office yesterday.  I actually hallowed out most of the inside of this bagel and cooked up some egg beaters and some cheese.  This was so good!

2.3.15 001

I didn’t end up leaving for my lunch workout until nearly 1 p.m.  I ended up doing the treadmill and saving my strength for after work.  I did 2 miles at 8% incline.

2.3.15 003

I did Day 2 of strength.  I can’t go into specifics about what I did because I paid $10 for a “spartan” trainer online for workouts and access to the trailer via email for the next 12 weeks.  But basically it’s only two sets of exercises with a max rep of 10.  The idea is that you are supposed to use a weight that you really have to push to get to that 10th rep – if you can easily do more, you aren’t using a heavy enough weight, and if you can’t get to six reps, your weight is too much.  I started out with 7 pound weights, but quickly jumped to 10 pounds – 10 pound dumbbells are heavy people!  Yesterday was back and delts and I can really feel it this morning.

So this soup is so easy, literally ready in 10 minutes.  I routinely will used canned potatoes in quiches and other dishes because they are already fully cooked.  I realized that German potato salad obviously is already cooked, but already seasoned as well with hints of Dijon mustard.  My store had Hillshire Farm smoked sausage on sale for $2 a package, could not pass that deal up!  And my store routinely has German potato salad in their prepared food section for $1.49 a pound.


toberfest soup 005

2.3.15 006

This has such a wonderful flavor, and if you love sauerkraut like I do, this is amazeballs.  Um, just a note though – if you are watching your sodium intake, let’s just say one bowl of this soup has 1,311 mg of sodium – yikes!  I drank a lot of water after eating the soup!  And I tried to figure out the calories, but German potato salad has such a wide range of calories from 80 calories for a cup of canned potato salad up to over 180 calories.  I ended up going half way and one generous serving of this soup has about 411 calories.

It started snowing pretty bad when I was leaving work to go back to the gym.  I figured the traffic would die down after my workout.  Strength took me 20 minutes and then I did 2.5 more miles on the treadmill at 5W% incline.

2.3.15 009

I had to run an errand for work after my workout at lunch to the grocery store.  I always check out the meat ends to see if there is anything good there – I ended up with over 3/4 of thick sliced ham for $1.75.

2.3.15 010

Hannah’s been working a 5 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. shift at the coffee shop.  She LOVES ham macaroni and cheese so I ended up making that for dinner.  I just added a cup of cooked broccoli to my portion.

I also made the mac n cheese using unsweetened almond milk, and neither Hannah or Jacob could tell – just so creamy cheezy good!

2.3.15 011

2.3.15 012

2.3.15 015

I didn’t join or start a Fitbit challenge this week only because I am concentrating on strength for now, but I did manage to get in some decent steps!

2.3.15 016

And it’s WI Wednesday.

2.3.15 002

2.3.15 001

So overall I’ve lost 2.2 the last month.  Not bad, but I had a week where I lost 3.6 and gained 2.2 back, and now only lost .6.  I know I need to tweak my nutrition, so that’s going to be my goal next week.  Maybe some more meatless meals, and getting in more veggies.

I am off to the eye doctor this morning, I realized when I ordered my last box of contacts that it’s been a year since my last eye exam.  I always pay for the extra diabetes eye test – they take pictures of your eyes to see if there is any sign of retinopathy.   Knock on wood that since I’ve started doing that test about 8 years ago, I’ve always passed with flying colors.  I am also getting new glasses – it’s been 14 years since my last pair!

Hope you have a great day!