I am confident I never even tried butternut squash before I started blogging.  Back in the day, there was something called “BSI” which stood for Blogger Secret Ingredient.  The “host” was new each week, but they would pick an ingredient, and you had to make a dish, and that person who hosted picked a winner of all the recipes submitted, then would pick another host.  It was a lot of fun and made me try ingredients I might otherwise have passed up – like butternut squash.  One of my first dished I did with butternut squash was make this butternut squash and apple curry soup.  

I can’t believe that post is 8 years old already!  This soup came together in a matter of minutes because I just poked a hole in my butternut squash and microwaved it on fresh vegetable.  Once slightly cooled, it cut like butter and it was super easy to get the seeds out.


I used hot curry powder, because I love spicy, but you can make this mild by leaving that ingredient out all together.  I love the gorgeous color the tumeric gave this soup.

I’ve roasted butternut squash and I’ve microwaved it, and honestly, if you were to give me a spoon full of butternut squash prepared both ways and I was blindfolded, I am not sure I could taste the difference – especially since I knew I was going to be putting this in a blender to make a smooth soup.



The night before last I came home and my roommates were napping.  They do this a couple times a week – they come home, eat dinner, then nap until about 9 or 9:30 – then stay up until who knows when?  All I know is that when I went to bed at 10:30, Hannah was just staring to make banana bread.  Well, I am glad she did, because it’s delicious.  It tastes more like a pound cake than banana bread – I am not exactly sure what’s in it, so I counted it as 5 points.  I made an egg/egg white/lite mozzarella omelette for 1 point, with fruit on the side.

I worked through lunch yesterday – just too much to do with some deadlines.  I turned my Korean BBQ into these cute little wonton cups – each one was only 2 points, so 6 points for this plate.  

So delicious and I am loving these champagne grapes from Trader Joe’s so cute and sweet.

It was a stormy night last night, and there are just some nights where I am just hungry and I don’t care about presentation, and last night was one of those nights. 😀  I made a pork taco out of my leftover pork tenderloin – I think that makes dish three out of that $2 pork tenderloin I bought!  On the side were some tortilla chips any my skinny butternut squash queso – if you think you are not a fan of butternut squash – this is the recipe to try!  Thanks for the inspiration Jessica!

Rummy isn’t a fan of stormy weather, so she was a bit clingy last night – I didn’t mind a bit.  This look was like “was that thunder grandma?!”

And this look is “is someone going to bed soon?!”

“I’m really ready for bed grandma!”

I love when I get tagged on Instagram that someone made one of my recipes.  My WW Ambassador friend Shawna made my perfect turkey burgers – the secret is having one point of butter in the middle of the patty so it doesn’t dry out.

My friend on Connect made my Korean Pork BBQ sauce and raved about it – yeah!

Any my friend Ashley made my mini veggie quiches – yum!

Sharing my love of food is one of my favorite things – so happy other people like my recipes too.

We’ve made it to Wednesday – which is like my Thursday because I have Friday off – whoop!  

Question of the Day:  Do you like butternut squash?  What’s your favorite way to eat it?

Make it a great day!