When I first met my late husband, I quickly realized he was a meat and potatoes man.  He loved a lot of things, but throw a beef roast on the grill in the summer, or slow cook it in the oven in the dead of winter, he was a happy man.

While we had steak growing up, I never cooked it much.  Um, let’s just say it wasn’t in my budget as a single Mom, and if I did eat beef, it would be cubed steak – that I would just salt, pepper, dredge in a little flour and pan fried it until it was just slightly crispy on the outside.

So let’s just say I had a HUGE learning curve when it came to cooking for my husband.  Believe me, there were lots of well done roasts, or roasts that were done on the ends, but completely raw in the middle.

I wish there had been this app in my life when I first started – that would be the Certified Angus Beef ® brand Roast Perfect App!

This has all the information you would need to cook the perfect meat at home.  You can search cuts of beef by how many people you are serving, or time restraints, or best ways to cook a certain cut of beef.  This would have been so helpful to me in the beginning of my beef cooking nearly 20 years ago.

Meijer Grocery stores sell Certified Angus Beef ® brand  in the Chicagoland area.  I know you will look and see – wow – $27 for 4 pounds of meat!  But seriously this already turned into 6 meals for me, and I still have about 1.5 of meat left that I am going to slice for sandwiches.  It will likely end up being about $2.70 cents a serving, and last time I checked, not sure you can get a burger at McDonald’s for that amount of money.

I chose  a Top Sirloin Petite Roast – this one is just about 4 pounds.  I even made a video to show you how this can be dinner on a Sunday night with mashed potatoes and veggies, and how you can chop it the next night to make Chicago Italian beef sandwiches.

The beef gets a rub of salt, pepper and flour, then seared in a skillet to brown all the sides.  Then goes in the oven with a couple cups of beef broth, and a topping of Italian seasoning, oregano, garlic powder and olive oil.  Bake at 300 until it reaches 120 degrees – I like my beef on the more rare side – so go up in increments of 5 degrees depending on how well you like your beef. 

My only other piece of advice, other than cook to the temperature you want, not how long to cook it, is to let your meat rest before slicing – this is key!  If you slice into your beef and all the juice runs out on your cutting board, you will not have juicy meat.  Be patient.  I let this rest 30 minutes before slicing.

The first night is Sunday dinner!  I took one cup of the beef broth and made a gravy out of it by adding corn starch, pepper and Italian seasoning to the beef broth.  I served it with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.

You know I am the leftover queen!  The second night (or third or fourth night!) I made Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches.  The second cup of broth left over from baking was kept thin to make an au jus for dipping.  Don’t forget the spicy giardiniera!  

The beef is so tender and delicious.  This morning I’ll be having a beef and egg breakfast baked potato.  Swoon.

Thank you Certified Angus Beef ® brand for the opportunity to make a video for you!  

YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!  Please let me know what you think – it’s my very first video, so comments and critiques are much welcome.  


“This post is sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef ® brand in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.”