For some reason over the last few years, I have become afraid of flying.  It’s just all the noises, etc., and I especially don’t like turbulence.  But I know in order to fly, literally and figuratively, you have to get outside your comfort zone and just have a quiet confidence that everything I’ve done has led me to this week in NYC.


Okay, well, I’ll have peaks of NYC, but I’ll be a Jersey Girl for a few days!

20030903KK 1/14 NJ Transit will open its Secaucus Transfer Station this weekend. On 9/3/03 construction was still going on in some sections of the station, but trains were roaring along several of the tracks. View of the station from the upper level platform. M. KATHLEEN KELLY/FOR THE STAR-LEDGER

I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported me, voted for my recipe , gotten me this far – I definitely have the best cheerleaders on my side and will use that to come out on top this week.  Tony, thanks for holding down the fort, and I appreciate how proud of me you are.  How lucky am I to be married to my best friend?!  I love you and will miss you! 

what if you fly

Thanks to blog reader Kym for letting me know that my video was on Sunny Anderson’s blog!  I didn’t even know!  I am the second video – you can check it out here.

Follow me on Instagram (my bizzy kitchen) to follow my trip.  I’ll be back with a post on Thursday to let you know if I won or not!  Hugs!