You all know I can’t seem to go too long without having some sort of taco, tostada, etc. It’s just that it is so easy to put together and so tasty! Take these breakfast tacos – you could easily spend Sunday morning putting these together and cooking them with just the eggs and cheese. Then store them in the freezer in packs of three. I reheat mine under the broiler setting for 3-4 minutes if they are from the fridge, and 7-8 minutes if frozen. They crisp back up great – and then just stuff with your favorite fresh veggies and you are good to go – I went with cilantro and shredded red cabbage. and of course hot sauce – duh.

Octopussy 003

These were so filling, I didn’t even leave for my walk at lunch until 1:00 p.m.!

Octopussy 008

I ended up walking for 45 minutes – the weather was perfect – 73 degrees and sunny.

Octopussy 064

I was listening to Pop radio on my iPhone and this song came on – Adore You by Miley – I have to admit, I really like this song – my daughter-in-law loves Miley! I texted her this picture and she said “you need to listen to the whole album!” I may just have to do that.

Octopussy 070

So last week Helen was writing about her fabulous vacation in St. Martin, and she talked about a cold celery soup. Huh. I had never even heard of celery soup, let alone a cold one. A quick Pinterest search, and I found this recipe. I changed it up a bit, I didn’t use any oil and of course, you know I left off the leeks! I also made my shrimp spicy and subbed in cilantro for tarragon. Not a huge fan of fresh tarragon.


Octopussy 016

Octopussy 019


Okay, so here’s the deal. The soup is delicious – not overly celery tasting, actually just a hint – but I didn’t care for it cold. It was a texture thing for me. However, one of my co-workers ate it chilled and loved it. This is a perfect course to a summer dinner party!

Since my lunch was so low in calories, I was able to have an iced coffee – I keep unsweetened almond milk in our work fridge – this is coffee, almond milk, and 2 tablespoons of Almond Joy coffee creamer (sorry Jody, I still love that shit!) and whip cream and a touch of caramel sauce – 107 calories. Just ignore the clutter on my desk, mkay?

Octopussy 073

So last night was finally the night I grilled up Tony’s squid! They have been blanched and marinating in olive oil, lemon and garlic for days. It almost looks like they are ready to climb out of the container!

Octopussy 028

Octopussy 033

Me? I had steak and zucchini! I am not crazy. Open-mouthed smile

Octopussy 039

Octopussy 048

Octopussy 054

Octopussy 055

Octopussy 057

I served Tony’s baby octopus over a white bean and artichoke salad – of course, made without the nasty red onions. Sorry I didn’t get a better picture of this – my commute home last night was 65 minutes due to lane closures and by now it was nearing 7:30! I also gave him a bite of my delicious steak. He loved it. I tried one baby octopus, but I immediately spit it out in a napkin. No worries – more for him!

Octopussy 080

Octopussy 001

And I got my steps in! My Mom is thinking of getting a Fitbit – I love that she’s nearly 74 years old and wants one – but truth be told, I am a little scared because I think she’ll kick my ass in the step department! She’s one busy lady!

Alright, time to iron my work shirt – working a double today. I usually don’t work out on the days I work a double but guess what season we are in?? GARAGE SALE SEASON! I am going to see if there are any garage sales near my office to hit up at lunch today.

Happy Friday – make it a great day!