I got to the hospital around 8:00 a.m.  I like to get there before the doctor does his morning rounds.  Tony’s incision looks great – looks just like my c-section scar!  He was so tired yesterday, he basically cat napped during the day.  It’s hard to get rest in the hospital – it has to be the nosiest place on earth, people talking loudly in the hall way.

At one point Tony finally had been asleep for about a half hour when a food service worker knocked on the door loudly and shouted “Bed 2 Food Service!”  It literally made Tony jump out of bed!  We told her “you don’t have to shout” and she said “well most of our patients are hard of hearing!”

So I sat beside him, touching his hand letting him know I was there.  And mostly watched t.v. and read a couple food magazines.  It seriously is more tiring than if I went to the gym, worked all day, came home and cooked and cleaned!

Hannah was just getting home from work when I got home.  I had leftover beef stew and rasperries and blackberries for lunch, and McDonald’s oatmeal for breakfast.  I didn’t eat in the room because Tony’s roommate was only allowed 1/2 a cup of ice chips every eight hours!  I thought it would be rude for me to have him smell beef stew!

I ate around 1:00, and by the time I got home around 8:15 I was starving.  So Hannah and I each had a plate of nachos – probably 2 ounces of chips, 4 ounces of taco meat, cheese and 100 calories packs of guacamole, all while watching the Biggest Loser Finale.

I only got our dog to come out of our bedroom to go outside to go to the bathroom, and then he went straight back to our room.  He’s really lost without Tony.  He actually put himself between my side of the bed and the wall, which is about the width of his body. 🙁

After Biggest Loser Hannah wanted to play Yatzee.  As tired as I was and I really wanted to go to bed, we played one game, where I of course dominated and won 303 to 197.  Yep, that’s how I roll!  Ha!

By 10:45 I was spent, but then the dog started shaking.  I turned on the humidifier and decided he could sleep with me in bed, something we haven’t let him do since he was a year old, and he’s probably 12?

Mind you, he’s 90 pounds of dog and literally takes up half the bed.  I slept on Tony’s side of the bed, and he slept with his head on my stomach.  I just had one hand on his back, and he settled down and went to sleep.  Hopefully Hannah can get him out during the day today!

So no pictures, I hung out with Hannah instead of downloading my pictures.  I am going to work today, but will be able to spend about an hour with Tony this morning.  Sadly my office is too far away now to visit him at lunch – by the time I got there I’d have all of about 15 minutes!

But I’ll go there right after work.  Hopefully today we’ll have a better idea of when he’ll be coming home. 😀

Question of the Day:  If you are married or live with someone and they are not there, do you still sleep on your side of the bed, their side of the bed or in the middle?  Usually without the dog in bed, I tend to sleep in the middle!

Hope you have a great day and thanks for your continued support! 😀