So although I have buffalo chicken pizza on my brain, we just ordered pizza tonight – I didn’t want to get my germs all over everyone’s pizza!   Next week that will definitely be on the menu!

classic sausage pizza with my trusty Tabasco!
classic sausage pizza with my trusty Tabasco!

 So Tony has been on the internet trying to find home remedies for my cough.  It’s a dry cough, not a satisfying cough if you know what I mean!  Other than that I feel fine!   It’s so annoying!

So first up:  1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, warm water and drink.  The results?  Didn’t help.

Next up:  Vick’s Vaporub on my feet with socks.  The results?  Not sure yet.

Now he’s shouting “do we have cayenne pepper and ground ginger?’  I think I need to get him off the computer!

I hope I feel better tomorrow – its football weekend and I have a lot planned!  Off to relax – we just saw Howie do it.  When I laugh that makes me cough too, so maybe we should stick to dramas tonight! 

Sleep tight!