I love Instagram.  I love how immediate it is.  I love how I can see what you guys are up to at the exact second its happening.  But what I don’t get is Instagram accounts like this:

8.22 007

It’s a glass full of home made cookie dough and it says: “want to lose weight – just follow!”  And if you look on the account there are like half a million followers and they only follow three people.  Is it advertising, or what?  Have you guys seen stuff like this before on Instagram?  Um, pretty sure I’d eat that whole glass of cookie dough in one sitting!

I got half way to work yesterday and realized I’d forgotten my food for the day.  Packed nice and neat and still sitting in the fridge.  So I went by Starbuck’s to pick up a protein pack (thanks again Heather for the gift card!) but when I went to open my App to get my gift card out to pay for it, I couldn’t remember my log in and password.  I’d parked a block away with my purse in the car, and after several tries I said “fuck it” and went to work.  I knew I had a Chobani in the fridge, and I had some granola at my desk.

8.22 006

I didn’t have a whole lot of time for lunch, so I ended up getting my walking shoes on.  It was hot – 88 degrees and really humid.  My blood sugar was 227 before I left – perfect. 

8.22 009

8.22 012

My plan for lunch was to make my own stir fry from the Chinese place across the street.  They have lunch specials usually for $5-7 dollars but the portions are huge and they tend to be a bit greasy.  So I picked up steak on a stick ($2) a small brown rice ($1.50) and a small Szechuan spicy green beans.  I chopped up the steak and the green beans, tossed in 3/4 cup of the brown rice and added 1 packet of sweet and sour sauce and some sriracha.  So good and not greasy at all.

8.22 013

But just as I was putting my food together, I could feel the sweat start dripping down my neck – dammit – low blood sugar.

8.22 016

Let’s just say I ate my lunch really fast – I hate that feeling of low blood sugar – it doesn’t last very long but as I was eating my lunch my boss said “can you scan this for me?” and I yelled “No!”  The only time I get mean is when my blood sugar is low.  Not gonna lie, it felt kind of good to say no – ha!

Then Hannah and her boyfriend stopped by!  She and my Mom were thrifting last week and Hannah found a pair of Born shoes for me for $6.50 – these would normally retail around $80 – score!

8.22 018

8.22 019

Since my feet are 1.5 sizes different, I like open heeled shoes because then both my feet fit just fine.  These will definitely be my fall/winter shoes.  Thanks Hannah – so great to kiss your face!

8.22 017

And since I enjoyed my small tasting plate the night before for dinner, I did finally end up getting my protein pak from Starbuck’s for dinner.  Who says you have to have a big meal every night for dinner?

8.22 020

We don’t have any plans this weekend, and I am fine with that.  I did a deep clean last weekend, so this weekend my only chores really are the laundry, changing the sheets on the bed and cleaning out the fridge.  I think I did pretty good food wise considering I only spent $43 on groceries this week.

Thanks again for all of you who took the time to vote for me these last few weeks.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know if I am headed to New York!

And I am worried.  You know I’ve talked about my friend Skippy (Janine) before.  She’s been on a heart transplant list for a while.  She and I have become really good friends off-line – she’s always there telling me everything is going to be okay with Tony while she suffers with her own medical problems.  She is usually the only inspiration I need because I can move and she can’t.  Here is an old post I wrote about her.

Well her last blog post was July 30.  Her last appearance on Facebook was August 11.  She hasn’t replied to my emails, texts, or instant messaging on Facebook.   And this was someone I talked to on a near daily basis.  Let’s send good thoughts her way, shall we? 

Have a great weekend – see you Monday!