It was so nice to be home this weekend!  Tony is still catching up on his sleep – he sleeps really good during the day, so I tried to keep things quiet and ended up being quite bizzy in my kitchen this weekend.  The kitchen is in the back of the house – he looked so peaceful sleeping – we had the windows open and he had a wonderful breeze coming in.

He wanted to sit outside Saturday night and grill.  I asked him what he wanted and he requested turkey breast – done!  I don’t know if you guys buy turkey breasts very often, but they are extremely affordable.  This turkey breast only cost me $4.25.  I ended up putting sliced lemons under the skin, then patted the turkey dry with paper towels, then spread about a tablespoon of butter over the skin and sprinkled it with a bit of Greek seasoning.  The butter is the secret to this golden skin.

hsh 009

Tony was tired, but so happy to be outside.  After spending 9 days at Mayo, this was what he thought about most – just being outside.  I so wish this picture wasn’t blurry – but I love his smile!

hsh 016

I entered another recipe contest a while back for BBQ ribs – no voting on that one, but it was for a ribs recipe – I submitted my sriracha bbq ribs.  It’s sponsored by Gnarly Head wines and I had never been able to find it in our area, but I finally did.  Tony didn’t like it – it’s actually quite oaky, but I loved it.  And Carrie, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t drink it out of a Chicago Bears glass, nor did I add any ice cubes to mine. Open-mouthed smile

8.10 we 006

8.10 we 009

One of the things I did to keep myself busy while I was with Tony in the hospital was to go through all the gift cards in my wallet to see what was left on them.  I was shocked when I discovered I had $35 left on a gift card to the hair salon in town – score!  Hair cuts there cost $29 so I decided to get my hair cut.  You all know I’ve been through this before – I grow out my hair then get sick of the pony tail, cut it off, only to wish it to grow so I can put it back in a pony tail!   Can you see how long my hair is in the front here?

8.10 we 021

My hair is super fine, but she put on some product to add volume to my hair.  One was this spray – it was a tiny 4 ounce bottle and it was $24!  No thanks.  My Aqua Net will be just fine.  Not kidding, my hair spray is probably 25 years old, but it’s one of those giant bottles of Aqua Net and I can’t get rid of it because I’ve had it so long!

8.10 we 023

8.10 we 026

8.10 we 030

I actually like it and I think its something that I can actually style myself.  I don’t wash my hair every day, so today it looks pretty much like it did yesterday, even though I slept on it.  Tomorrow will be the true test!

So I had some cooked orzo in the fridge and that was the inspiration for dinner.  I bought Tony salmon and I bought shrimp for me.  Since I knew I was going to make a lemon asparagus orzo as the side dish, I wanted spicy shrimp for me – except all the recipes I saw for spicy shrimp on Pinterest were cajun, blackened, etc.  So I decided to come up with an Italian shrimp marinade.  This recipe comes in at 225 calories, 7.4 fat, 2.1 carbs, .4 fiber and 34 protein.  Obviously this is just for one serving – adjust according to how many servings you want to make.


8.10 we 050

This was delicious – so flavorful spicy!  And after putting Tony’s salmon back in the pan (I undercooked it the first time) he enjoyed his salmon.

I have so many more recipes to share with you this week though – blueberry vanilla pancakes:

bv pcakes 013

Blueberry coffee cake streusel muffins:

bmuf 024

Have you ever gotten the protein meal at Starbucks? One of my co-workers was mentioning to me last week that if she could figure out how to make the muesli bread, she’d be able to recreate that at home and not have to spend $5 on it.  This is my first attempt, but I have to say, I think it came out really well!

muesli 015

So this weeks WI?

8.10 we 004

Not bad considering my workouts have not been as intense as of late.  I hope to pick up the pace this week at the gym.

And here is my shameless daily reminder to vote for my recipe – thanks again!

And in case you missed it, I have a giveaway on my Sunday post – you can check it out here!

Make it a great day!