This is what it looks like out my back door!

Hannah had dinner over at a friends house tonight, so Tony and I decided to go out.  It’s kind of a running gag in our house – when Hannah isn’t home, we tell her that we went to thrift stores, eat sushi, go to pet stores and pick up tiny dogs!

Because the weather is so bad, we were the only ones in the restaurant!  I tried the new Budweiser American Ale – it was really good!  Really reminds me of Sam Adams.

his and hers (mine is the darker one!)
his and hers (mine is the darker one!)

While we waited for dinner, we played video games.  Um, Tony Cannon kicked by butt!


This place has AMAZING burgers, but I chose the shrimp tacos instead.  Unfortunately, they failed to mention on the menu that the shrimp were breaded!  I ate two tacos, about 1/2 of the refried beans, and none of the rice – it was too bland.  But the best part was this vinegar slaw on the tacos – it made the dish.   I had maybe two bites of the guacamole, because of the onion fear!


So I only caught the second half of the Biggest Loser, but everyone looks so good!  Okay, I may have seen the softer side of Vicky tonight, but I am not sure!  Can’t wait to see the season finale! 

Hopefully the snow will slow down.  I plan on getting up earlier tomorrow in case I need to snow blow the driveway.

I am playing around with my layout because I want to add a recipe log on one side.  My blog friend Meghann explained how to do it, so we’ll see if I can!  (http://graduatemeghann.wordpress.com/).  Thanks!

See you tomorrow!