Another busy day at work.  I hit the ground running and finally around 9:30 I heated up some breakfast tacos and ate them at my desk.

7.26 016

I had plans with my Mom and Hannah to meet for lunch.  My Mom got there right on time at noon, and I finished up a couple letters while we waited for Hannah.  A few minutes later I see Hannah is calling me, and I think she’s just calling me to let her in the front door.  Nope.  She just woke up!  Ah, to be 22 again and sleep until noon!  So my Mom and I just went ahead without her.

We chose to go to the Lucky Monk for lunch, since it’s right by my office.   The place was busy, and we had ideas of sitting on their outdoor patio, but it was way too windy.  So we sat, both decided on the mini tacos – mine were braised short ribs with cilantro and pickled radishes.  Mom’s were lightly battered fish tacos with pickled red cabbage and tomato and onion.  LOTS of onion.  Ew.  We were so engrossed in catching up after my Mom’s 3 week of traveling, that I realized it had been a long time since we ordered.  When we finally got our food it was 40 minutes later.  Luckily I worked through lunch the day before, but just talking out loud here – most people just have an hour for lunch.

7.26 022

7.26 023

7.26 021

These pictures don’t do these tacos justice – super flavorful and my Mom who is an aficionado of fish tacos, declared these some of the best she’s had.  So service aside, I’d go back there just for the food.  Thanks for meeting up with me Momma!

7.26 026

And later in the afternoon, Hannah and her boyfriend stopped by and brought me a skinny vanilla latte – thanks! Open-mouthed smile

7.26 029

So our Midwest summer has been crazy cool.  Like low 50s overnight and low 70s during the day.  I absolutely love it, but find myself craving fall comfort foods.  It must have been a rerun, but last week I saw Michael Symon on The Chew make his version of Cincinnati chili.  Well, I’ve made my share of Cincinnati Chili recipes.  Here, here and here.  What intrigued me about the chili was his choice of spices (cinnamon, allspice, cumin, etc.) and using FOUR cups of tomato juice.


I didn’t have chili mac like I normally do – just added kidney beans, shredded cheese and jalapenos.  I may have dipped a few tortilla chips in the chili for dipping too.

7.25 003

I loved this chili.  The flavors were so complex.  I normally don’t add allspice to dishes but it totally worked in this with the combination of the cocoa powder and sherry vinegar.  It smacks you with flavor.

And my dear friend Skippy, her daughter is quite the talented artist and photographer and has one several ribbons at their local county fair.  This picture below is one of my favorites (which took a 1st place ribbon) – blue being my favorite color and because of the clouds – it’s now my screen saver at work – thanks Evie!

7.26 017

Alright, time to get my cleaning pants on.   I haven’t worn them in a while – ha!  Have a great weekend!